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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mage: Pure DPS Mage

The pure DPS mage often forgoes energy shield and the ability to solo to improve their damage skills.
5 strength
5-100 dexterity
rest in focus
100-200 vitality
Basically, the pure DPS mage puts as many points into focus as possible while trying to stay alive. 100-200 vitality will usually mean that at higher levels (100+), the mage can only solo 1 or mabye 2 star mobs.
Dexterity is added to increase defense.
Fire lure: 10-15 (some max)
Ice Lure: 5-10 (some max)
Ice shards: max
Firebolt: max
incinerate: 10-max
Many pure DPS mages believe that maxing lures is important. It is only effective to max lures in pvp or killing bosses. When fighting monsters while leveling, a more conservative approach to lures (listed ranges) will maximize your damage since most monsters will not have incredibly high resistances.
Since the pure DPS mage is not made to solo, fireshield and energy shield are foregone along with other support skills and energy regen skills.
The pure DPS mage relys on huge amounts of sigils (300-1000) to regenerate energy.
End game gear would be:
Full diamond minus helm
Focus crown (+50 focus)
Masters grimore offhand (+100 focus) or golden blade of fire or ice.

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