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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mage: Pure Solo Mage

The solo DPS mage is a practical mage build that can be used effectively in groups or solo to level. Also somewhat effective against bosses.
5 strength
50-120 dexterity (see defense)
  • edit* 5 Dex is enough. Points are better spent in vitality.
  • edit* I keep my dex at 20-50. Since mages and druids have the worst armor/defence it is nice to be able to dodge some attacks once in awhile.
rest in focus
100-200 vitality
10-15 fire lure
5-10 ice lure
15-max energy shield
some-max ice shards
max firebolt
max firecloak
some into incinerate
For explanation on lures, see pure DPS mage
Firecloak, firebolt, and iceshards should give the higest damage, and in that order. Iceshards is the weakest of the three. Also incinerate is quite a bit weaker than those three, but worth puting some points into if one has extra points to spend.
End game gear is a very subjective topic. Basically as a solo DPS mage one wants to maximize DPS while staying alive.
If you heavliy use energy shield and go pure DPS in everything else (low health and low-medium dex) you will want Royal Shield of the Mountain.
If you have decent health and dex and don't have trouble surviving battles go with golden blade of fire or ice.
If you don't have many points in dex but you have a good amount of health, go with top of the line trident.
Focus Grimore and Orb are not top picks for the solo DPS mage. Since this mage gets energy regen? from large amounts of sigils, energy regen on items can be foregone.
Grimore will only add about 7% damage to this build, so the other offhands can provide more damage than that or more survivability. The extra energy that the focus provides is not needed in this build.
The orb is just a much weaker version of the royal shield of the mountain for this build.
Full diamond minus helm
Crown of Wizardry (+50 focus)

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