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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mage: Spellsword Build

Heres brookies attack post. See my graph and equation of a line around halfway through the posts.
Ok I figured out how this could really work.
Earthstone armor.
This armor will give you more than enough attack to hit often, also get a lux helm that gives 150 attack.
strength: at least 100, mabye 150
dex: 5
focus: rest
vitality: enough for 2000-2500 health; test it to see how much you need for your druid to keep u alive.
lure soldiers 10
lure fire: enough to take away 410 resist (around 25)
lure ice: enough to take away 100 resist (around 4)
These lures were optimized for lava golems and seem to work good on wyverns
bolt: maxed
cloak: maxed
put the rest into freeze or incinerate, as the case dictates.
Freeze if you need time to heal, incinerate if you can stay alive fine.
Sound like a plan?
Courtesy of MDiMarco

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