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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mage: Your Masters Degree in Mage

Oh hello there. You found me here in my Laboratory Library.
I was busy compiling all my knowlege of the mage class. Here I'll share it with you. ;)
All mage skills are based on focus. Mage wand damage is not effected by any stat. This is why many mages myself included don't use a wand. Wands are valuable for the boost to ice and fire magic though.
Ice and fire magic increase the chance your spell has to hit the target. It also slightly effects skill power (damage ect.). Reports are that +200 ability may increase spell damage by 50 in certain circumstances.
Mage skills:
Firebolt: The greatest mage spell ever concieved. Their are very few instances when you should even consider going without this skill. It's DPS is unmatched by anything. Max this always.
Fire cloak: A very good skill. The DPS of this comes the closest of any skill to firebolt when the monsters are hitting pretty fast. Also you can cast this on others if you are not solo. Either way unless your on golems this skill should be maxed. very easy to interrupt, always cast this before the fight. Also the energy to cast is extremely low for the DPS so this is #1 for melee tank mages.
Ice shards: Another go-to skill. This should be maxed in most instances for solo leveling or other dps uses. The DPS is about 60% that of firebolt (very rough estimate). not easily interrupted.
Incinerate: Decent skill for long fights. This is definatly a spell you can do without. The DPS is significantly lower than the big three (firebolt, firecloak, and iceshards) and it also gets interrupted often.
Firestorm: Similar to incinerate. I personally don't see much value in this spell. Since it is AoE (area of effect) its damage on a single monster is lower than incinerate, and when are you really killing more than one monster? I throw this skill into the dumpster. Their are much better uses for your points.
Fire lure: This spell should be your pet project. You should always have it and should always be testing it when you get to new types of monsters. Here is how you test it. Use a book of alt. Remove all firecloak rings. Put firecloak up to 25-35 damage. Cast fure lure on monster you want to optimize fire lure on. Then let the monster hit you a total of 50 times roughly and record the highest damage yor cloak did. Keep adding points into fire lure and retesting until your firecloak hits the max listed damage during your test. The reason for this is lures will reduce an enemy's resistance to 0 but no lower. So if you reduce enemies resistance too far it won't add damage and you will have wasted points into lures.
Ice lure: Same theory as fire lure. Use spiritshadow gear to tune ice lure in the way you use firecloak to tune fire lure. Spiritshadow boots give 20 max damage. To find out how much damage other combo's of spirit shadow armor do, test it on storm wings and Picts or other 0 resist monsters.
Freeze: If you have sigils, freeze is a good spell to be able to let your sigils regen you during a fight. You usually get 3 ticks during a freeze. You can cast lures without unfreezing the monster, but casting lures stops your sigils from working so do at the end of the freeze. Freeze is also a great time to cast eshield and other buffs and heals since it doesn't stop sigils from working.
Freeze, however, shouldn't need to be used for other than 4 star monsters. eshield should be fine for 3* monsters and no eshield should be fine for 1-2 star monsters. Also by having freeze, you limit your power against 1-3 star monsters so freeze is best used for builds to solo 4*'s only (Ymir guards, wyverns, ect.)
Energy shield: Very important skill. One of the top 4 skills for mages behind firebolt, fire lure, and fire cloak. Mages have the lowest armor in the game along with druids so we need as much health as we can to solo. Usually have this maxed along with firebolt and firecloak. For golems you will NEED this skill maxed without a doubt. Shoot to make your build so you only need to cast one of these before a 3 star fight and make your stat build so you dont need it for 1-2 star monsters your level.
Energy boost/ sacrifice: Sacrifice takes health from your eshield so is decent for low health builds. Energy boost is also a decent skill. Expect at lvl 20 to get 50 energy per tick on boost and for sacrifice 300 energy for about 220 health. If you have sigils, don't use these skills.
Misc lures: you can figure this out. I have 1 point in all them and if I'm leveling with a warrior for example I throw on some lure of soldiers rings.
Order of importance of mage skills:
Firebolt Firecloak Fire lure Energy shield Ice shards Ice lure Incinerate (blue book) Freeze(red book) Firestorm (ow drop) misc energy regen and lures (energy regen more important if you don't have sigils)
Mage stats:
Never str. Mabye for fun using king ymir wand you can try it, but no serious mage build should ever use str. Also if you want to try to use spellsword, but again thats not a serious build.
Never dex. Sure people will say it helps you dodge or helps you hit as a melee mage. No. We did theory using brookies attack post and it is never never useful to add any points into dex for a mage. It is always better to put it into vitality for solo or focus for dps.
Focus: usually for solo you want focus to be about 2/3rds as your vitality. This is so you can survive a 2 star without eshield. you can raise this if your not soloing or tanking.
Vitality: about 1/3 higher than focus for solo leveling. Lower if your dps and not tanking.
Diamond armor is great for dps or solo Frozen armor is great for soloing or tanking Meteoric is pretty useless use diamond instead Warden is good until you get diamond Crystal is like any other class, dont get it if you can wait for diamond Earthstone bp and pants great for melee mage earthstone boots great for tanking earthstone helm ok elemental damage golden helm great for melee mage heroic ammy great earthstone ammy, can be as good as heroic for melee mage with sigils wands have horrible damage but the ability boost adds significant damage and spell landing capabilities. H2h can be a least as good or better for most soloing using a golden blade offhand. shields: overrated for soloing, throw a golden blade even to your wand and it should help more than a shield. heroic gloves: great for melee mage diamond gloves or spiritshadow great too. spiritshadow boots: good rings: duh skills but +100 ice and fire ability rings are very valuable too. bracelets: regen great, other options are resist bracelets.
What a melee mage is and isnt:
It is: using no weapon and golden blade instead of wand and shield.
It isn't: no spells
It is: High DPS using all the best mage skills.
It isn't: a pure tank
It is: just as viable for solo leveling if not better than a standard mage.
It isn't: weaker at high levels.
It is: a way to boost DPS over a standard mage in many circumstances.
It isn't: always heavy in vitality
It is: just as high in focus as any other mage. Mabye a little extra vitality to make up for lower resist and armor of a good shield, but the dps of the elemental blade will help to kill things faster.
It is: speed of 2000.

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