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Monday, February 9, 2015

Monster Star System

There are up to 6 stars (asterisks) above a monsters head. These stars mean more than even the level of the monster for determining how difficult it will be to kill. This guide is made under the assumption that potions and idols are not bieng used.

1 star: easy solo monster for a player the same level as the monster. This means you should probably be able to kill a 1 star monster that is around 10 levels above you after level 40 or so.
2 star: Medium difficulty to solo this monster if the player is the same level. If you can solo 2 star monsters 5-8 levels above you after lvl 40 or so, you are doing well.
3 star: Hard solo monster. Later in the game usually only a charecter with a good solo build can solo a 3 star monster if they are the same level.
4 star: Usually impossible to kill by oneself if the player is the same level as the monster. This is an easy group monster, so get at least a good buddy or two to help you. If you want to solo you will usually need to be between 5-30 levels above the monster depending on which monster and what build you are.
5 star: Hard group monster. Will take a full group that is the same level of the monster to kill. To solo you will need to be between 30-50+ levels above to win usually.
6 star: Multi group raid monster. If you fight this with players the same level as the monster, you will need more than one group to kill it. To solo such a beast, you will need to be 50-90+ levels above the monster. Something like aggaroth you might need to be 150 levels above to solo it.
Courtesy of MDiMarco

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