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Monday, February 9, 2015

Rogue: Guide to DPS gear by Guffy

Hey, I decided to make a guide to spotlight good and best DPS gear, hopefully this will give some people ideas of what to strive for along with some alternatives. This guide will be strictly for DPS gear.

Remember, all gear is situational, just because these set ups can result in putting out the most DPS, this is not always the case and can depend on what you are fighting, what lures your mage has, and other factors.

DPS Gear:


Bloodlust Helm > Any 50 Elemental damage Helm.

The helm slot gives nice choices for adding damage with the bloodlust helm almost always taking the cake. With that said, the 50 Damage helms from scavenger lux shop are not bad choices and aren't far behind bloodlust. I prefer fire the best because the mages I play with have lure of fire maxed and always on mob, I would say next best is ice because a lot of the mobs (higher level) rogues fight have a lower resistance to ice and mages sometimes have ice lure, lastly I would say magic because it is kind of in the middle when it comes to mob resists and mages hardly ever have a lure for it with skill points.


Radiant > Greater > Lesser Earthstone > Greater Solstice > Diamond Body

This is pretty easy, if you can get your hands on an Earthstone body, it is your best option as it gives amazing attack and heat damage bonuses, but even the Greater Solstice isn't bad giving 30 heat damage. After that the diamond body gives 20 Str and Dex which helps and you get to keep decent armor which can help in regards to downtime from AOE bosses. As Brookie has said, your not dealing damage if your dead so your damage per second goes down.


Radiant > Greater > Lesser Earthstone > Greater Solstice > Diamond Legs

All for the same reasoning as body. The ES legs give a big defense bonus which can be very helpful.


Heroic Gloves of Haste ~ Radiant Earthstone ~ Corbin's Bracers

This one is a little tricky. Heroic Gloves of Haste are best most of the time, but if you are on a super haste elixir or super combo elixir, the heroic gloves of haste don't help so switching to Corbin's Bracers or Radiant Earthstone Gloves for the Attack boost is a lot better than losing that slot.


Pathfinder>Radiant>Darkflame>Heroc Speed

This is another tricky slot as the boots slot does not have amazing dos options for rogue. The pathfinder boots give the best added damage, but not every rogue has dex in their build for the requirement. The radiant boots are good with some extra defense and HP, and the darkflame, although not amazing, do give a free heat damage. I personally full time my heroic boots of haste because I am lazy and like the speed, but as far as this slot goes you can pick for your own style as nothing here will make or break your damage.

Main Weapon:

Frozen Dagger > Diamond Knucks > Meteoric Dagger > Diamond Dagger

This is a tricky one because it really depends on your gear on what comes out on top. The more gear you have that gives you damage closes in on the gap between diamond knucks beating out frozen dagger. Eventually you get to the point where the faster swings is worth te loss of damage frozen dagger provides. Naked frozen dagger is better, but with full damage equips, diamond knucks can take the lead. If your not to this point yet, just remember meteoric dagger is almost always better than diamond dagger.

Edit: After extensive testing I have found that frozen dagger has higher DPS than Diamond Knuckles when on a super haste elixir and I am pretty sure it is safe to assume in most cases.


Gold Sword of Elemental Damage > Golden dagger of Venom > Golden Bodkin of Spirits

Once again, I prefer Fire>Ice>Magic when it comes to elements because of the reasons state in the helms discussion. The offhand swords give more damage and a strength bonus over Gold Venom Dagger, some like the rejuv of gold venom dagger but because rogue's skills all suck, strictly from a dps view the elemental offhand swords win here. I don't think the trident's are so worth mentioning as they are a middle ground of both and not best in any situation imo.


Radiant ~ +15Slash/Crush/Pierce Dreadbone Neck > Greater ~ +10 Slash/Crush/Pierce Dreadbone Neck > Lesser Earthstone > Greater Solstice > Lesser Solstice.

We have a lot of options here but most can be hard to get on some servers. The biggest questions here is what is better the +15 Pierce or the Radiant ES necks and the answer again is this is situational. Around 400 Strength the +15 Pierce neck starts giving more damage than radiant ES neck. If you are at this mark than it is better because if a lure from a mage is up you have a decent chance of pierce being one of them. If you are higher than 400 Strength it starts to outshine Radiant Neck but if you get much lower radiant neck becomes better. Bottom line is they are both amazing and you are well off if you have either.


Piercing or Slashing charm of the Ghost

Piercing charm of the ghost gives 100 Dagger ability and slashing charm of the ghost gives 100 hand to hand ability so it really just depends on what you use. Both are hard to come by but we really have hardly any DPS options for this slot so don't fret if you don't have, it won't make or break you and in some situations Camo can be better to keep you alive.


Pierce > Slash > Crush > Poison Damage Braclets

The highest damage pierce bracelet is your best option, but any high damage pierce, slash, or crush bracelet helps tons. If you can't get any of these your best non physical choice is poison because mobs don't resist poison hardly, but keep in mind, a +4 Pierce/Crush/Slash Bracelet will beat out a Godly +10 Poison damage bracelet because pierce, crush, and slash all have multipliers based on your strength.


Best Damage Ring> Radiant > Greater > Lesser Earthstone Willow Rings.

I am not a fan of skill rings, all our skills suck and boosting your damage or attack helps all the time whereas a skill ring just helps you during that skill. Take into account rogue skills like Assasinate and Sneaky Attack only working under certain conditions and they are even less useful. Equip the highest damage rings you can find, they range from 50 to 10 Fire, Ice and Magic damage. if you can't get your hands on these equipping summer ES rings aren't a bad choice as with 4 radiant rings you can get a massive +1000 Attack.

I hope this helped someone, these are guidelines I go by, but just remember the most important thing you can take from this guide is all gear is situational and you need to gear for what is right for your situation.

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