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Monday, February 9, 2015

Rogue: Guide to ultimate 120+ Rogue by Brookie

We have many guides on how to get to 80 or to 100 but not many on how to really show your the best at high levels so here is my way.(I have never wrote one before so ya)



First thing is first just because your a rogue doesn mean you need super low health. You going to be fight lavalord stonelord and a lot of other aoe bosses. Increase tht hp because having 1.2-1.5k hp will not cut it anymore! Your gonna need 2k+ easy. If ur lieing on te ground waiting for idol timer the hurry up ur not doing damage
And that extra 50-100 points in str which is about 20-30 damage means nothing as some other rogue has just hit him 15 times more then u. Dex do you need it? With the right gear no not at all I myself can hit 3k attack with no dex on a super combo. But I suggest unless you have amazing gear(which you should aim for anyway) you put 50 points into dex helps you hit and dodge more so it's worth it. Str means nothing with current gear having over 300-400 points in it is worthless so don't do it


Why are you still wearing regen. Why are u still using skills? Your gonna have more
Overall damage if u strip that regen crap of and blast out full damage gear. Bye bye regen brac get urself some decent aggra or pirece ones. I suggest 1 aggra brac and 1 high pirece brac(8+) or 2 aggra brac.(the aggra brac must have dagger and str/vit then you adjust your build to that).

Rings; you want damage rings. You have already thrown those skill rings out left them in inventory when you need them to buff others maybe. Some nice 40+ damage rings is your goal and if you can get 1 radient attack ring as attack helps a lot with your dps. You might have 40 more damage an extra 5% damage then you had (based on 800 damage) but if your gonna hit 10% more with a radient attack ring then I'd be looking to get one of them

Armour; if you don't know it already radient is amazing of corse your gonna need golden gloves still boots arnt as important really I suggest radient or frozen boots. But we all want radient chest or greaves and you should work to get these or even the lower versions of earthstone. They are massivly important to a rogues dps not only the extra damage but the extra attack given from the breat plate means so much. And when you can (combo or haste) swap those useless heroic gloves for some radient ones(or any earthstone). As for your helm there isn't much in it between bloodlust and one of the 3 golden helms so don't spend a fortune on bloodlust the extra attack from the golden helm will make up the damage lost

Charms; you are wearing heroic... What are you doing? Get rid of it you don't use skills there are many better damage choices given from king and 140 drag. Radient neckless or 15 pirece neckless are the ones you want really but any of the lesser ones which provide 60+ damage will be better then heroic ammy. If you use a camo in boss fights then king droped a few nice ones with 100+ dagger on them. It's only 6/7 damage and 100 attack but they are worth it to be the best you can be.(keep your camo though)

Weapon and offhand; we all want frozen it's an amazing weapon but before frozen use meteoric ita much better then diamond. Your offhand this is a hard choice venom or one of the blades is the right way to go. I personally have a low str build so I use one of the blades and suggest with a low str build you do the same but if you want to keep your high str build then it's up to you.

Skills; I have said ealier all damage skills are useless IM. Maybe quick strike if the bug indicated before isn't true then that could be a little extra dps but not really worth the points as you would need regen to do so(unless your using venom then get it) the really decent skills are smoke bomb! That's your number 1 dps skill it's amazing for group boss fights but be careful it helps other groups also so evaluate your groups before you use.. Why is it so good? We figured out your hit % chance is on a ratio forum so if your attack is 1000 and the mobs defence is 1000 you will hit 50% of the time but if you smoke bomb the target about -500 defence you will hit 66% of the time which works out to be a massive 32% increase in dps! Posion weapon is good with a bit of dex. Without dex it isn't great though. Fast reflex good skil for soloing and dueling other then that you won't be tanking so not needed.

This is all I can think of this is for all you high level rogues !

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