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Monday, February 9, 2015

Rogue - Links to Rogue Guides

Links to a bunch of Rogue Guides

1-150 Rogue Leveling Guide using plat by Akatosh: Click Here
1-120 Rogue Leveling Guide mostly no Plat by Pigman: Click Here
Rogue Tanking Guide by Kiykiy: Click Here
Guide to ultimate 120+ Rogue by Brookie: Click Here
Guide to DPS gear by Guffy: Click Here
And this is what the top rogues wear and how they run their own builds, not really a guide more of a primer: Click Here
New guide to gear and mechanics by awen Click Here
And the long awaited dex build thanks to papi Click Here
New knuckle build for mid level rogues by jacoby Click Here
Low level guide by Uzi Click Here
my personal favourite, a guide for those who dont like reading guides, by supadupachalupa Click Here
want to be good at pvp? read this! br brookie Click Here
Knuckleblades from 80-130, by redrogue Click Here
warden through frozen reference by blrd-7 Click Here

Courtesy of MDiMarco

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