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Monday, February 9, 2015

Rogue: Rogue Tanking Guide by Kiykiy

Because rogues with FULL tanking builds have no chance in the real world (as I learned the hard way) I'll point you in the direction of a slightly more mixed setup, which will let you level faster and have higher damage input on bosses that aren't using you as a punching bag.


These are my raw stats at present time, how you work your way up to them is up to you, but I suggest getting strength out of the way quickly to help you level; maybe a 2str-1dex-2vit per level until you feel you have enough in a certain attribute. I will also be adding more dex as I level because I feel that my defence could use some buffing.

lvl 131

strength: 125
dexterity: 95
focus: 10
vitality: 450
If you want to hold aggro to the best of your ability and not be killed constantly you need a mix of defensive and aggressive skills.
I used to use pots to heal and I now have a giant truckload of sigils so I never used bandage wounds, but if you don't have that luxury you will need to throw some points into your heal.

If you're a lower level progressing with this build, get your attacking skills up higher before OW because you don't need smoke and reflex in Stonevale. However be ready for eyes when the time comes.

The skills that I think work best for this build (in my opinion), and what I have them at are:

Fast Reflexes: 26(35)/30
Smoke Bomb: 26(37)/30
Quick Strike: 28/30
Sneaky: 28/30
Assassinate: 27/30
Rend: 1/30
Poison Weapon: 1/30

I put rend and poison in there because spamming rend is a nice little way to boost your aggro bit by bit and poison helps you gain aggro from others by casting it on whoever is taking the hits.

It is important to have the right gear on hand for different situations. Keep in mind that damage does not always equal win.

Main-hand weapon: Frozen Meteoric Dagger (or highest equivalent. more dps means more aggro)

Off-hand weapon: Golden Shield of the Mountain (for high-hitting enemies) / Golden Blade of Venom (for when you can afford to substitute armour/evasion for energy regen) / Golden Blade of Ice (for smackin' biatches... and fire mobs)

Body: Frozen Zodiac Jerkin (or highest equivalent)

Legs: Frozen Zodiac Breeches (or highest equivalent)
Head: Golden Crown of Energisation (don't flame me for this. When you want to keep aggro, energy regen is SUPER IMPORTANT. Once you run out of energy, your party members will start to take aggro off you)
Feet: Frozen Zodiac Boots (or highest equivalent)
Hands: Heroic Gloves of Haste (it doesn't matter what your build is, use these)

Necklace: Heroic Amulet of Rejuvenation

Charm: this doesn't really matter too much. If you're lucky enough to have a halloween drop, use that. If not, don't fret.
Bracelets: These are pretty debatable. You can use the +10 health/energy regen braces if you want or high resist bracelets depending on what you're tanking, I personally use Radiant Oak Bracelet (+250hp and some evasion) and Imperial Wyrm-something Bracelet (+20 dex/focus/vit) because they're pretty good all-rounders.
Rings: Use skill rings, preferably for your buff/debuff skills, and as high as you can get your hands on. Smoke and Reflex rings are the way to go, if you can acquire some.

Progressing up to this build was really helpful for me from lvls 92-131. I found that I could competently solo level and tank bosses with not many problems, and only needed to make a small tweak when I moved onto golems for levelling.

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