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Monday, February 9, 2015

Rogue: Update 4's best rogues by Brookie

Ok so I hope this can get stickied with the guides I wanna hopefully get the top rogues off all servers to post there stats and stuff they use and why I'll start it


Str 100-150
Dex 50-100
Focus 10
Vit rest

I like this because with the right gear you can do anything you want. You can have over 1200 damage. Get 4k+ hp depending on your level, which makes you able to tank a fair few bosses. And can even helps friends with your buffs and debuffs (posion and smoke). Also amzing at pvp as long as you don't face a mage you have a decent chance in winning.


I use

Posion weapon-mainly to help friends and pvp purposes really
Fast reflex-amazing for solo and tank
smoke bomb- best dps skill really improves your hit % chance and helps a lot on bosses
Play dead- its almost useless unless in pvp it's halrious to make someone level 150 think they one hit you then pop up and own them while they are dancing on top of you... But people get wise to it

I don't use

Rend- lowers your dps
Sneak- lowers your dps as of high energy cost
Assasinate- misses far too much so lowers your dps
Quick- its broken cancels out a auto attack
Distract- as I don't use damage skills my aggro isn't high really so there isn't any need for it
Hide- what can I say it's useless


Helm- radient/bloodlust good fr either pvp or dps

Chest- radient best dps piee in game ATM
Greaves- radient again amazing
Guants- either speed or radient depends weather I'm on haste or not
Boots- radient good defence

Rings- all damage rings fire damage 1x50 3x45

Braclets- aggra str brac of sneak and a imperial(+9) talon
Misc- the dagger one hide unfortunatly (would prefer play dead)
Neckless- radient mainly as I have a low str build

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