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Monday, February 9, 2015

What is Scamming?


Scamming is essentially taking money from other players through deceit or trickery

It comes in many forms, and scammers are inventing new scams all the time. Some examples would be a person masquerading as in-game support, a high level person buying a rare item very cheap from a noob(this is on shaky ground to be considered scamming by some, but it does in my opinion), when in a trade where the scammer sells a valuable item, then swaps it right before the trade is final with a cheap item that has the same icon, offering to transfer items from one account to another but keeping it instead(although the new mailing system in Expansion 4 eliminated most of this type of scam), and also holding lotteries, but keeping the winnings.
The motto to carry around is, Be Paranoid. If it's too good to be true, it's probably a scam. If you ever do need a transfer, only stick with people you trust, such as generals in your clan, or people that you are friends with in real life.
I have read a litany of new scam reports since scammers are obviously feeling the pinch of some new trading scam guards in the update. But they are also getting smarter, using stories meant to lure greedy people. This isn't just a one time or 2 times thing, I have seen 10+ scam reports from everyone all with sad stories of a really nice story they got scammed with today.
Falling for a scam is sad, but it's also your fault. You simply need to be smarter, and it's a sad thing but you need to realize scammers are gonna be aiming to hit people now especially, so please:
There is NEVER, EVER, EVER any legitimate reason to give your username or yer password, or BOTH away to ANYONE. If anyone ever asks, for any reason, it's a scam. If anyone says that they can get help you with that info, it's a scam. If they say that they are a beta tester and can get you in beta, they aren't. Simply because a beta tester can't give you anything special, we don't have any powers, we are just players. Any possible scenario where someone needs your account info is a SCAM. ALWAYS'!!!!! One Thumb Mobile can see all your info, they don't need any account info like your password from you to help you, ever
Account/Password Confidence Schemes If anyone needs your account info for ANY reason it's a scam.... if they want to gift you free plat, give you access to new content, get you a fake new mount, or a limited edition armor...if it's all a too good to be true scam. One thumb doesn't contact you in game other than the Admin and he never asks for passwords or account info. If he's speaking to you he can see all your info. Use your head.
Account Phishing Websites Some scammers push website that are dedicated to scamming, they promise free things and then when you log in your info to get the reward people on the website log into yer account and liquidate it. Why? Well if done enough times they can then start selling gold on their site to other players and run a 3rd Party gold sellers for super cheap because they stole everything from gullible accounts. A Phishing scam website is perfect start up for a gold seller website. If you buy gold from such a gold seller, you are most likely supporting scammers.
Name Fakers If any lvl 1-20 lowbie player who is un-clanned but shares the name of your clanmate or friend and asks for help, gold or items...your friend wouldn't be UN-clanned, it's just a fact, check the name, the clan and the lvl of anyone asking you for's simply a common but effective confidence scheme and need to be guarded against.
Transfer-Friends (Wolves in Sheep's Clothing) If anyone friend or otherwise asks you to transfer things for them, and expensive things and becomes a "Transfer-friend" for you beware. This is a long-con but many people do it, and the scammers profit greatly. In the idea that trading on someone's trust and making them feel like they are trusted and a good friend lower's their vigilance for suspecting foul play later...and then later when you transfer yer new Otherworld dropped item to a new character...the long con will snap into place and leave you high and dry. Think about it, hard before you do this.
Window Shopping If anyone asks to "try on" your amulet to see if they wanna buy one. Use your freaking head. You aren't a salesperson working hard to sell things for the luxury merchant, if people want to try things on... they should try having the gold to buy it. Falling for this scam is idiotic, but it happens more than once a week here on forums.
Due Dilligence The third Update has solved many scam trade screen issues prior from game. But that said, the guards only work if you double check yer trades and make sure the icon of what you are buying really is THAT thing. The Double check trade screen is for Double-checking, if you don't and still get scammed... Come on. That's on you.
I'm leaving game and giving you my account for FREE!!!! This new scam was brought to us on forums by Keridwyn, thanks for informing the community. Here check this out it's new, and deadly as it uses the Update 3 game mechanics. Player gives you a free account with not much stuff on it, you get the account...put all yer items on it and then the player uses their registered email to change the password and take all your gear that you thought was on YOUR character. Getting a FREE account, that's too good to be true.
Here is Keridwyn's example:
keridwyn wrote: If someone offers to give u their acct saying they are leaving game Be aware that they can still use their registered email to contact support and do a password recovery EVEN AFTER YOU CHANGE THE PASSWORD And get the account (and any and all gear or gold you may have put on that toon) back.
One of our former clan members said he was leaving the game and gave his acct to one of our members This member immediately changed the password and outfitted the character Bought him full diamond armor And then loaded the toon up with heroic ammy Speed boots, haste gloves, rejuv quiver, The original account owner waited a day then emailed support and did a password recovery Got the account and all the new stuff back And is keeping it, will not give back. This scum walked away with a fortune in gear, including pathfinder and tabs. As Teaweasel says, if it is too good to be true, it probably is..... Be careful
This is clearly a thought out scam, so be careful
These are just common things, that everyone should know by now. It's sad that good people get scammed, but it's also sad that other people seeing these scams happen again and again to their friend's and loved ones can't simply get smarter thru osmosis.
General rule: "If it's too good to be true....It is."

Courtesy of MDiMarco


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