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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Regeneration Guide - How to regain your HP and energy

This guide tells you about health/energy regenerating abilities and items
When fighting, your character will need replenish their health and energy. In Celtic Heroes, there are several ways to regain both health and energy:
  • Native Recovery over time
  • Sigils 
  • Potions and other consumables (from the platinum shop or gained from completing quests or farming)
  • Visiting the Tavern
  • Luxury gear 
  • Mounts
  • Instruments
  • Regeneration skills (Under the first aid ability and others)
  • Instant recovery
  • Direct healing or energizing skills

Native Regeneration

Your character naturally regenerates 2 energy and health every Tick (5 seconds) when you are not in combat.  "Not in combat" means:
  • You are not doing damage to an enemy
  • You are not taking damage from an enemy
You also continue regenerating health and energy even when you are logged out.


If you want more regeneration every tick, you can purchase health/energy sigils from the Item Shop.
Each sigil that you use regenerates 1 health or energy when you are out of combat (not attacking or being attacked). Multiple sigils can be used to regenerate more health/energy at a time.
There are two kinds of sigils: health and energy. Health sigils regenerate your health, and energy sigils regenerate your energy.

Sigils are permanent when used. Sigils also accumulate as you use them. So if you used 100 health sigils last month, and used 100 sigils this month, you would have 200 health sigils and regenerate 200 health every 5 seconds while out of combat.

Sigils can be obtained in the following ways
  • Purchased from the platinum item shop at the price of 10 platinum for 1 sigil, or 80 platinum for a set of 10 sigils. These sigils are consumed upon purchase, and cannot be traded between players.
  • Event Mystery Chests: there is a chance that you may win a chest of 5 sigils from an event mystery chest. These chests may be traded between players.
  • Purchase sigil chests from other players.


There are many elixirs and potions that can be purchased from the platinum shop that will increase your regeneration, and restore your life instantly. Potions last for 5 minutes, and can be canceled by death. Elixirs last for 15 minutes and cannot be canceled by death.
  • Regeneration Elixirs (Heroic, Super, Regular) - regen by 10 +2% of your maximum health
  • Energization Elixirs (Heroic, Super, Regular) - regen by 10 +2% of your maximum energy
  • Regeneration Potions (Super, Regular) - regen by 5 +1% of your maximum energy
  • Energization Potions (Super, Regular) - regen by 5 +1% of your maximum health
  • Restoration Potions - Instantly restores 1000 hp & energy


While in the Tavern, you gain the Relaxing Atmosphere status buff that rapidly regenerates your health and energy. It is active for 60 seconds, and is renewed while you stay in the tavern.

Luxury Items 

Another way to regenerate health or energy is to buy gear from the in-game Luxury Shops, that have a certain amount of regen in each item. These items are invaluable at higher levels, because they regenerate even while you are in combat. Sigils, Meditate, and Recuperate will not do this.

Many events have a special luxury item vendor in the castle courtyard. These items usually have regeneration for either health or energy, or both.


Certain mounts bought from event luxury shops will increase your in-combat health/energy regeneration.


Certain instruments from current and past events will give you a skill that alows you to cast a status buff that increases out of combat health/energy regeneration. This skill can be cast on yourself or others.


Each class has different skills that can help regain health or energy. There are many items that you can equip which will enhance these skills to make them more powerful.
  • Druids have many skills that help regenerate health (Natures Embrace, Natures Touch, Natures Breath, etc)
  • Rangers have Light Heal, which is fast but is not as powerful as Druid's skills.
  • Rogues can steal health from opponents and replenish their own health using Life Steal.
  • Mages have a skill that regenerates energy (Sacrifice, Energy Boost
  • The Recuperate skill increases out of combat health regeneration
  • The Meditate skill increases out of combat energy regeneration


Recovering health and energy is fundamental to playing any role playing game.  If health and energy could not be regained, then the player would no longer be able to use skills or the character would die.

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