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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What are Statistics?

This guide describes the four character stats, and how they affect your character.


Stats affect almost every aspect of your character. Some notable aspects that stats influence are; damage, health, energy, chance to hit, and chance to dodge/block/parry an attack. How these stats are balanced will determine how your character built and used. This can include Tank, Spell/Skill power (often DPS), Group support, ect.

The four Statistics are:

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Focus
  • Vitality

Each statistic affects skill effectiveness for each class. These classes depend most on these statistics:

  • Warriors - Strength, Vitality
  • Rogues - Strength, Dexterity
  • Rangers - Strength, Dexterity
  • Mages - Focus
  • Druids - Focus

Notes about statistics:

  • Your stats can be accessed from the Menu -> Statistics page
  • Every time you level up, you get 5 stat points to spend.
  • Certain stats can effect a skills damage (or heal).
  • The stats that affect skill power do it in a growing but slowly diminishing log exponential (logexp) fashion. The exact function has yet to be determined.
  • Your statistics can only be changed with a Book of Rebirth, available in the Platinum Item Shop, or bought from other players.


Affects melee damage for all weapons that have slash/pierce/crushing damage.One notable exception are Mages, as their wands deal elemental damage. Rangers, Rogues, and Warriors will want to put points into Strength. Mages and Druids typically do not put any points into Strength.

Strength's affect on melee damage is summarized in the below equation:

Melee damage = (0.158 *(STR)^0.5 + 0.061+.95)*physical damage

See the Damage Calculator here to automatically calculate your damage using this formula


Affects the Defense (chance to evade) and Attack (chance to hit) statistics. This higher your Defense, the greater the chance to evade an enemy melee attack. The higher your Attack, the greater the chance to hit an enemy.
Dexterity also affects skill power for skills that show they are affected by dexterity. 

  • This statistic is useful mainly to Rogues and Rangers, as their skills depend on this statistic.
  • Warriors who are in tank builds will also find this useful, as will Mages and Druids who fight solo.
  • It is less useful to Mages and Druids, but it will help them dodge enemy attacks that interrupt skill casting. If your skills are getting interrupted while casting, try using some Dexterity.

1 Dex = 2 Defense Point
1 Dex = 1 Attack Point


The main purpose is to increase a character's energy. Focus also affects skill damage for mages and druids, along with heal amount for druids.

  • Druids and Mages need to put points into Focus
  • Rangers, Warriors and Rogues do not need focus as much, however they need energy to cast skills. If you find yourself running out of energy while fighting, you may want to try putting points into Focus.

1 Focus = 6.25 Energy


Adds health to a character by 6.25 for every point in vitality. The 6.25 is broken up into 6 per point then every 4th point gets 7 life.
  • Every class needs vitality, because when your hitpoints reach zero, your character dies.
  • This statistic is especially important to Warriors in the tanking role
  • If you find your character dies too easily, try putting some more points into vitality.

1 Vitality = 6.25 Health

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