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Monday, February 9, 2015

Warrior: sir blaze333's tanking guide

This thread is to help you warriors set up as a tank. Now before you read on, I suggest you read my warrior guide: Forum Guide

So you want to be a tank? Well we need to first go over a how each attribute, stat, skill, and ability will help you last longer in tough fights. Choosing what you will stick to is up to you, this guide only to help.
Strength: This wont help you tank, it just makes you hit harder.
Dexterity: This attribute has an offensive and a defensive trait to it. Each point added here will add 1 to the attack stat and 2 to the defense stat.
Focus: This wont directly help you tank, though it allows you to use more of your skills (or skills that cost a lot of energy).
Vitality: This attribute gives you more health.
Health: This stat is what depletes as you take damage. The more you have, the more damage you can take.
Energy: This stat is what depletes as you use skills.
Attack: This wont help you tank, it just allows you to accurately hit more often.
Defense: This stat allows you to dodge/block more often
Damage: This wont help you tank, it just allows you hit harder
Armor: This stat reduces incoming damage (Slash, Crush, and Pierce)
Warriors have many skills to use. Only some will help you tank. Please refer to my warrior guide for the list and effects of each skill.
There are currently 6 abilities that directly effect tanking. They are:
Melee: This ability increases the effectiveness of most of your skills
Fortitude: This ability allows you to dodge incoming physical attack skills
Warding: This ability allows you to dodge incoming magic attack skills
Willpower: This ability allows you to dodge incoming weakening attack skills
Reflex: This ability allows you to dodge incoming movement attack skills
Vigour: This ability allows you to dodge incoming wounding attack skills
Now that all of that is out of the way, you may now begin planning what to include as a tank. Lets start off by discussing attributes... It is only common sense to include vitality in your set up. You need to be able to take some punishment as it is your role. Focus is important because it allows you to cast all your defensive skills which help you survive even longer, as well as using taunt or warcry to keep aggression (Your damage rate is low).
Dexterity gives you a chance to dodge attacks, which is helpfull in those situations where the boss is hitting really high and your druid(s) cant keep you healed. Another example to demonstrate this is if you have 3000 health and each incoming attack does 400 damage, your druid(s) will have a hard time healing you. However, if you dodge a hit or two, those heals will catch up with the damage. Lastly, strength is not a tanking attribute, so include it only when you are happy with your defensive stats.
As a tank, health, defense, and armor should be all you care about. Health depletes, so give it a good starting point and enough to go down without hitting 0 between each recieved heal. Defense is for dodging, get away from the damage in the first place. Armor reduces incoming damage so why not give it the highest possible value? Now the hard part of this is deciding between trade-offs in your gear. Do you go for Health or armor? A bit of defense and armor or a lot of health and little armor? That is completely up to you. However, sometimes the trade-offs on one item is totally not worth the other.
You are a tank! Take advantage of it during long and hard boss battles! Use skills such as taunt are essential to keep aggression on you, as a tank can't attract aggro by damage alone, because that goes against the build completely. Decide what skills are worth using and add them to your arsenal.
Keep your abilities maxed! Make the most of your skills and try to dodge those incoming skills. Bosses can hit very hard with skills, while some drain your energy! That means less skills to use which can end the whole battle right then and there in some cases.
Courtesy of MDiMarco

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