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Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween 2011 Event Guide

This guide will tell you all about the old Halloween 2011 Event.. first event ever in Celtic Heroes!

The Halloween Event for Celtic Heroes went live on October 28th, 2011 and ended November 15th, 2011. It included new bosses, charms, armor, mounts, and quests.


Undead Fire Titan (Level  70/6*)
This boss was South of the graveyard in Lir's Reach, on the hill to the East of the Flintblade Camp.
He dropped pieces of Darkflame Armor.

Bone Giant (Level 90/6*)
The Bone Giant was South of the graveyard in Lir's Reach, on the hill to the East of the Flintblade Camp. He dropped a broom that you could also buy from the mount shop for 50k


Pumpkin Helmet
The quest to get a pumpkin head helm starts at the crossroads, where you have to kill Pumpkinhead mobs to get Pumpkin Candles, and then collect Orange Pumpkins. This would get you a Pumpkin Helmet. It is equipped in the helmet slot because fashion slots were not created back then.

Potion Quests
You could kill the witches that spawned around Lir's Reach and turn in the Witch's Brew they dropped to get potions.

Wand of Hallows
This is a special event wand topped with a pumpkin that shoots pumpkins at enemies. You could get it by completing a quest by gathering Pumpleroot Hearts and Pumpleroot Stalks. To get them you needed to defeat Lord Pumpleroot. It is also possible that a Lesser Pumpleroot would spawn in it's place as well.

Mob Drops

Witch Hats
Witch Hats drop from the Witch mobs that are around Lir's Reach. It is also possible that they drop Witch Hat Pieces.

Luxury Shop

The luxury shop was in the castle and sells charms.

Silver Skull Gold Skull Ruby Skull
COLD PENDANT Armor 5, Cold Resist 50 Armor 15, Cold Resist 75 Armor 30, Cold Resist 100, HP 50, Energy 50
ENERGY PENDANT Armor 5, Energy 50 Armor 15, Energy 75 Armor 30, HP 50, Energy 100
FIRE PENDANT Armor 5, 5 dmg Fire Shield Armor 15, 10 dmg Fire Shield Armor 30, HP 50, Energy 50, 20 dmg Fire Shield
HEALTH PENDANT Armor 5, HP 50 Armor 15, HP 75 Armor 30, Energy 50, HP 100
HEAT PENDANT Armor 5, Resist Heat 50 Armor 15, Resist Heat 75 Armor 30, Resist Heat 100, HP 50, Energy 50
KNOWLEDGE PENDANT Armor 5, XP boost 5% Armor 15, XP boost 10% Armor 30, HP 50, Energy 50, XP boost 20%
MAGIC PENDANT Armor 5, Resist Magic 50 Armor 15, Resist Magic 75 Armor 30, Resist Magic 100, HP 50, Energy 50
WISDOM PENDANT Armor 5, Ability Boost 5% Armor 15, Ability Boost 10% Armor 30, HP 50, Energy 50, Ability Boost 20%

Mount Shop

The mount shop sold unique brooms, including the ultra rare Broom of Doom

Movement Increase Crush Dmg Attack Speed Armor HP  Energy
Broom of Cackling 0% 16 3700 0 0 0
Broom of Bones 10% 27 3700 0 10 10
Broom of Fright 20% 34 3700 10 25 25
Broom of Terror 30% 40 3700 20 50 50
Broom of Dread 40% 47 3700 30 100 100
Broom of Doom 50% 55 3700 50 150 150

Thanks to:
Hackulus (Pumpleroot Picture)
Dovakin.Sulis (Broom of Dread info)


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