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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Celtic Heroes Leveling Guide 1-220

This guide is designed to tell you where you should level your character, going from level 1 to 220.

I have used this to level on almost every class. The trick is to kill mobs that are a few levels above your level if you can. If you find that your level is greater than the mobs you are killing, you need to move to another area.

  • Level 1-17: Starting quest
  • Level 17-20: South dustwither catacombs
  • Level 20-25: Dustwither dry bones area
  • Level 25-28: North Dustwither
  • Level 28-30: Shalemont east of camp
  • Level 30-32: Shalemont west of camp
    • 30-32: More Fragments repeatable quest - kill Connacht Seekers and get fragments. Get quest by doing the Loremaster quest starting in Shalemont camp.
  • Level 32-35: Shalemont hill up to Issian's tower
  • Level 35-40: Greygorge leystone area
  • Level 40-50: Shalemont Ribbonsword area
    • Alternate 40-44: Connacht Shardblade/Skulker area East of MacLir Encampment in Fingals
    • 40-46: More Dragonfire! repeatable quest - kill Hypogean Neonates that are West of the MacLir Encampment in Fingal's Cave. Get quest by doing the Loremaster quest starting in Shalemont camp.
  • Level 50-52: Tam Lin quest
  • Level 52-60: Atrisal area at top of Shalemont castle, or Northern Road in Stonevale
  • Level 60-65: Southern Dales in Stonevale
  • Level 65-72: Stonevale unicorns, bears, imps in the bloodgrove.
  • Level 72-76: Bloodgrove druids and imps by Stonevale portal, or Fingal's Cave Pirates
  • Level 76-81: Otherworld Red Eyes
  • Level 81-85: Pirate Lootmasters on island at Fingal's lake, 
    • Hawkhursts in Carack's room, 
    • or Otherworld Green Eyes
  • Level 85-90: Pirates at South cave in Fingal's, 
    • or Hawkhursts (but generally farmed too heavy to level here)
  • Level 90-94: Carrowmore first scorpion cave
  • Level 95-98: Carrowmore second two scorpion caves
  • Level 98-106: Drowned Dead in the furthest northwest circle room of sewers
  • Level 106-108: Red spider cave in Carrowmore. - THESE LEVELS COME SLOWLY!
  • Level 108-114: Purple ghosts in the Otherworld
  • Level 115-120: Blue ghosts in the Otherworld.
  • Level 120-128: Blackstones in front of Fortress in Otherworld
  • Level 128-133: 1st Boggan cave by Wyrmbone Vendor (Carrowmore)
  • Level 133-138: Red Boggan cave
  • Level 138-140: Warbeast trainer cave
  • Level 140-142: Green Boggan cave
  • Level 142-147: Yellow Boggan cave
  • Level 147-152: Blue Boggan Cave
  • Level 152-157: Black Boggan Cave
  • Level 157-160: Boggan hallway by Priest/King, 
  • Level 160-163: First Firbolg Cave
  • Level 163-167: Third Firbolg Cave
  • Level 167-173: Fourth Firbolg Cave
  • Level 173-175: Despoiler Firbolg Cave
  • Level 175-180: Snorri Pit 
    • or Fire Wyrms in hallway outside Snorri's Pit
Corrupted Blossoms
At level 180 you can enter the Corrupted Gardens. One of the first quests that you get will be to collect five Corrupted Blossoms. This is a repeatable quest that you can do to reach level 200. That's right, this quest will give you good XP up to level 200!

  • It takes about 11,000 blossoms to go from level 180 to 200
    • 180-190 is about 4230 blossoms
    • Level 180-181 is about 360 blossoms. It increases on average 15 per level after that.
    • 194-195 is about 600 blossoms
  • After level 200, it will take over 2000 blossoms per level. 
    • At level 205 350 blossoms is one bar, so about 3,500 to get to 206
  • If you maintain control over all flower spots, you could farm 11,000 blossoms in about 10-12 hours.

Alternate path for Gelebron's Tower...

Leveling Example Videos

Leveling Examples Videos
Level 160-163
First Firbolg Cave
Level 172-174
Floor 1 - Room North of Sgt. Brass
Level 186-188
Floor 2 - Furthest North chamber with wizards.
(group recommended)
Level 195-201
Floor 3 - Adds in Krothur the Corrupted's room
(need a group)
Level 205-211
Floor 4 - Adds in Revenant of Anguish's room
(need a group)
Level 211-216
Floor 5 - Unox room, and the chamber to the East
(need a group)
Level 216-220
Floor 5 - Bridge with Sentinel Omicron on it.
(group recommended)

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