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Monday, March 16, 2015

Bridge of Despair (Floor 1) - Gelebrons Tower Guide

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Bridge of Despair zone in the Gelebron's Tower Update
This zone is designed for levels 170-180. To enter it you need to complete the Test of Regulus quest in the Otherworld.

To advance to the next Zone, you need to complete the Infernal Armouries quest given by Sentinel Epsilon at the Vision of Misery Leystone.

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Exalted Dragonlord Quests
The Exalted Dragonlord (EDL) Quests start at Saraid the Enchantress at the Vision of Misery Leystone. These will upgrade your Dragonlord weapons and armor to Exalted Dragonlord. The following spreadsheet lists what drops you need for each piece, and what bosses you can get them from:

Alchemical/Occult Armor Quests
The Alchemical Armor Quests start at Lazhar the Alchemist at the Vision of Misery leystone at the Bridge of Despair. The quest is set up like the Beastbone armor quest in Carrowmore, but instead of gathering bone fragments you will be gathering Alchemical Vials.

There are two armor sets, once you finish the Alchemical quest for that piece, you can do the Occult Quest. Alcemical needs 10 vials, and Occult needs 20 vials
Alchemical  Occult
Gloves 10 Minor 20 Minor
Boots 10 Lesser 20 Lesser
Helm 10 Common 20 Common
Legs 10 Greater 20 Greater
Chest 10 Grand 20 Grand

Tokens of Fealty
This quest starts at Vance the Elder, where you need to loot 5 Tokens of Fealty from the 3* Argent Hounds around the bridge. The quest reward is only XP.

Sentinel Epsilon Quests
These quests will unlock the next zone, the Infernal Armouries, for you. The three bosses you need to defeat are Bloodclaw, Sergeant Brass, and Artemis the Vain. Please see the map above for their locations. After this quest is completed, it is repeatable.

These bosses will call for help one time when they are first engaged, but do not call for help after. Kill all the adds, drag the boss to a favorable position, and then start fighting them.


There is one shop in this zone that sells Spellwrought weapons and armour. See this video for details:


Ifryn Onyxclaw - Level 185/6* Exalted Dragonlord Boss
Drops Lexicons of Incantation and Unknown for the EDL gloves and boots quests

Ifryn Onyxclaw does these skills
  • Razorclaw - Damage skill
  • Ironfang - Damage skill
  • Blood Howl - AoE buff
  • Storm of Chaos - Tower raid boss skill, need EDL armor to resist it
  • He is surrounded by 4 adds that respawn quickly, and a fifth that walks into the area as well.
  • He enrages at 15 minutes

Dropped Items

Alchemic Rings
Monsters in this zone can drop rings ranging from +6 to +10 for the following skills:
  • Warrior/Rogue: Double Attack
  • Warrior: Rupture, Shield Wall, Shatter
  • Rogue: Life Steal, Expose Weakness, Riposte
  • Ranger: Double Shot, Explosive Arrow, Longshot, Sharpen Weapons
  • Druid: Energy Harvest, Sanctuary, Stinging Swarm, Bless
  • Mage: Ice Blast, Frostbite, Fire Attunement, Ice Attunement
Level Requirements are:
  • Mighty +6: 170
  • Majestic +7: 180
  • Royal +8 :190
  • Imperial +9: 200
  • Godly +10: 210
Alchemic Arrows
Monsters in this zone can drop arrows that rangers can equip in their offhand. Values listed below are damage added.
 Alchemic Arrow of 
Damage Type
Might Pierce 30 45 55
Flames Heat 250 400 500
Frost Cold 250 400 500
Lightning Magic 250 400 500
Toxin Poison 200 320 400

Vendor Trash
Mobs in this zone can drop vendorable items listed below. Values are their max shop value

Alchemical Vials
Monsters in this zone can drop Alchemical Vials used in the Alchemical Armor quests

Eldrich Potions
There are three potions dropped by mobs that counteract the effects of certain areas in the Tower

  • Potion of Eldritch Shielding (Pink) - Protects from Eldritch Torment that causes damage over time (i.e. Sentinel Theta room)
  • Potion of Eldritch Fortification (Blue) - Protects from Eldritch Corosion that reduces armor (General Gron room)
  • Potion of Eldritch Unbinding (Green) - Protects from Eldritch Shackles that reduces attack speed (Floor 5 top right room)
Tokens of Fealty
Argent Hound mobs in this zone drop Tokens of Fealty used in the Tokens of Fealty Quest.


This zone was released as part of the Gelebron's Tower update on March 17, 2015

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