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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mordris Ring Guide

This guide lists all the Mordris rings side by side so you can compare them.
Here are some characteristics of Mordris Rings

  • Mordris always drops two rings per fight
  • You can equip more than one of the same ring at a time.
  • Each ring grants a bonus to two skills.
  • Rings are Bind on Equip
Level ReqSkill Bonus

Abyssal Ring of Class Skill #1 Skill #2
BRAWLING Warrior Pummel Taunt
WARFARE Warrior Sweeping Blow Warcry
GUARDING Warrior Shield Bash Defensive Formation
KNIGHTHOOD Warrior Protective Stance Giant Swing
MARAUDING Warrior Frenzy Rupture
SHIELDS Warrior Shield Bash Shield Wall
MAYHEM Warrior Frenzy Shatter
DEFENDERS Warrior Protective Stance Defensive Formation
BACKSTABBING Rogue Sneaky Attack Distract
SHADOWS Rogue Hide Smoke Bomb
LETHALITY Rogue Poison Weapon Assassinate
LACERATION Rogue Rend Expose Weakness
VAMPIRISM Rogue Fast Reflexes Life Steal
SABOTAGE Rogue Smoke Bomb Expose Weakness
TREACHERY Rogue Rend Riposte
FATALITY Rogue Quick Strike Assasinate
HUNTING Ranger Steady Aim Longshot
RESPITE Ranger Light Heal Conceal
TRAPPING Ranger Bolas Entangle
FORTIFICATION Ranger Defensive Spikes Sharpen Weapons
SHARPSHOOTING Ranger Sharp Shot Rapid Shot
VIGILANCE Ranger Steady Aim Sharpen Weapons
SWIFTNESS Ranger Rapid Shot Entangle
BOMBARDMENT Ranger Longshot Explosive Arrow
BURNING Mage Cloak of Fire Incinerate
GLACIAL STORMS Mage Ice Shards Freeze
DESTRUCTION Mage Fire Storm Ice Blast
LINGERING COLD Mage Energy Shield Frostbite
CURSES Mage Lure of Fire Lure of Ice
INFERNO Mage Fire Bolt Incinerate
BLIZZARDS Mage Ice Shards Frostbite
RITUALS Mage Energy Well Sacrifice
TEMPESTS Druid Howling Wind Lightning Strike
INVIGORATION Druid Natures Breath Abundant Aura
ENDURING Druid Howling Wind Sanctuary
BLESSINGS Druid Shield of Bark Bless
ENSNARING Druid Strangling Vines Energy Harvest
ROOTS Druid Strangling Vines Grasping Roots
REVIVAL Druid Natures Touch Spring of Life
HEALING Druid Natures Touch Natures Breath

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