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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Guide to Melee Attack

These are some of the principles of melee attack in Celtic Heroes

1) The attack button is in the bottom right corner

The sword button is in the bottom right corner of the screen. After you select an enemy, you can tap it. When it is lit up yellow, you will begin attacking your target.

2) Do not mash the attack button!

In other games, you need to keep hitting the attack button whenever you want to attack. In Celtic Heroes, you only need to select the mob, and tap the attack button in the lower right corner once. You will keep attacking as long as the attack button is lit up.

If you tap the attack button over and over again, you will turn melee attack on and off, over and over again, which will make you not attack the mob.

3) You cannot run while attacking

In some other games, you can move around and tap the attack button to swing your weapon. In Celtic Heroes, you need to not move your character using the joystick in the bottom left. If you move, it will turn off your auto-attack.

4) Auto-Attack

Auto-attack is an option that can be turned on or off in the gameplay menu, which will make your character automatically attack a monster when it starts attacking you. If more than one monster is attacking you, auto-attack will pick the monster that attacked you first. It will keep attacking until that monster is dead, at which point it will select the next monster and start attacking it.

5) Sticky Auto-Attack

Sticky auto-attack is a feature that can be turned on in the gameplay menu. It prevents you from tapping on the attack button to stop attacking. To stop attacking while this option is on, you will need to move your character using the joystick on the bottom left.

6) Auto-loot

A feature that this game has that others do not is that you do not need to inspect the corpse of the monsters you defeat to manually pick up the items they leave behind. In Celtic Heroes, the items/gold that monsters drop will automatically be added to your inventory.

7) Skills vs Melee

Skills are your character's special attacks that depend on a variety of factors, including how many skill points you put into that skill. You also need to specifically tap on that skill once it is equipped on the skill bar to use it.

Melee attacks are dependent on your character's strength, weapon damage rating, and any elemental damage bonuses from additional equipment.

8) Dodging and Blocking

A monster may dodge or block your attack based on your Attack statistic. The more attack that you have, the less of a chance the monster has to dodge. The goal is to have your Attack stat be higher than the monster's Defense stat. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know the monster's Defense rating so you will need to guess how much Attack you will need. Attack is based off of the Dexterity statistic.

9) Monster Damage Shields

Some monsters have damage shield skills, much like the Cloak of Fire skills that mages have. When a monster has this shield activated, any melee attack that you do to the monster will cause you damage. Skill attacks will not cause the damage shield to hurt you.

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