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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ostara 2015 Event Guide

This is your guide to the Ostara 2015 Spring event in Celtic Heroes that was from April 14, 2015 to August 8, 2015. I'll be showing you new bosses, quests, chests, luxury items, mounts, fashion, and mobs along with maps and info about each part of the event.

Ostara is a spring event in Celtic Heroes that was released shortly after the Gelebron's Tower Update.
The Ostara has begun, celebrating the melting snows and the arrival of spring, new life and a chest full of new delights. With it have come Herne's Hunters, seeking to drive back the snakes plaguing the lands.


There are 4 Dragon bosses in this event. Each encounter is the same, but with more difficulty as the boss level gets higher. They come in 5* and 6* difficulties. The 5* Dragons drop one item, and the 6* Dragons drop 3 items. They respawn within 3-5 hours after they are killed.
Queen Medb, the Connacht matriarch, has summoned the great Eirinn Dragons from the Mountains of Tuthail to aid her plans to drive back the fresh life of the Ostara and bring misery to our people. 
Each dragon is protected by mighty wyverns but I have heard that if the dragons are defeated many great treasures can be found on their remains. 
Brave heroes can seek them out in Lir's Reach, Fingal's Cave and the Carrowmore Tunnels.
Goil the Marauder (lvl 50/6*) and Emberdrake Marauder (lvl 50/5*)
North of Twisted Tunnels Leystone in Fingal's Cave across the bridge

Smoidrich the Destroyer (lvl 100/6*) and Emberdrake Destroyer (lvl 100/5*)
Southernmost part of Loch Dorcha, Fingal's Cave in the lake

Garyn the Devastator (lvl 150/6*) and Emberdrake Devastator (lvl 150/5*)
West of the Fiana Camp leystone in Carrowmore, up the hill

Smolach the Annhilator (lvl 200/6*) and Emberdrake Annhilator (lvl 200/5*)
At the stone circle in Lir's Reach

Boss Drops
These bosses can drop rings bracelets, and charms.
  • Bracelets - Direct bonus to two skills
  • Charms - Reduce cool down of a skill
  • Rings - Bonus to ability
Here are descriptions of what they can drop.

These are the skills affected by the Emberdrake Charms:
  • Giant Swing
  • Rupture
  • Sneaky Attack
  • Quick Strike
  • Double Shot
  • Long Shot
  • Fire Bolt
  • Ice Shards
  • Storm Touch
  • Natures Touch


The hags in the castle, catacombs, and Lir's Reach sometimes drop instruments that have no stats boost like the instruments from chests have.
  • Hag of Cacophony (lvl 20)
  • Old Hag (lvl 40)
  • Sea Hag (lvl 90)
  • Cursed Hag (lvl 140)
  • Nightmare Hag (lvl 190)
As the snows receded the evil hags are drawn out of their hovels as they loathe the bright tunes played on the Ostara instruments and seek to destroy them with their sharp fingernails. Lord MacLir's forces usually suppress them but, due to the Connacht threat, we need a few good heroes to drive them back. I've heard that defeating one is a valuable experience, if you get my meaning.

**Special thanks to TheHealOfGod for all the pictures of these Hags!**


Phrygian Hat Quests
This quest starts in the castle to in front of the fountain at Afallon the Hunter. You will be gathering Snakeskins dropped from Death Adders found in Lir's Reach, Farcrag Castle, Dunskeig Sewers, Shalemont Ravine, Carrowmore Tunnels, and the Arena.

Each Death Adder is level 20, and can vary from 1-3 stars. 1 star snakes drop one skin, but the 3 star snakes can drop as many as 3 skins.

The reward is a Phrygian Cap, worn in jubilation of the coming Spring.. You also have the chance to get the radiant variety of the Phrygian Cap, that has a radiant effect.
  • Red - 5 Snakeskins
  • Pink - 10 Snakeskins
  • Orange - 20 Snakeskins
  • Yellow - 40 Snakeskins
  • Green - 80 Snakeskins
  • Turquoise - 150 Snakeskins
  • Blue - 250 Snakeskins
  • Purple - 400 Snakeskins
  • Black - 600 Snakeskins
  • White - 1000 Snakeskins
At the end of the quest, you will have turned in 2555 Snakeskins!

Daily XP Quest
This quest starts at Seda the Hunter to the left of the fountain in the Castle Courtyard, and requires you to defeat 3 XP bosses looting their antlers/tusks/hides, and defeat 3 of their guards.

Fergal the Noisy:
The god of hunting, Herne, has released stags, boars and bears who can be hunted and vanquished for golden tokens. 
Seda the Hunter values these tokens highly and will pay good gold for their return. However beware, as the Connacht Queen Medb has sent Knights from her Dark Order to slay these beasts so the tokens can be used in occult rituals. 
These rituals to the evil gods will aid her forces, granting them wealth and power as they prepare for invasion.
Seda the Hunter:
Herne, god of the hunt, has set legendary beasts loose upon the lands of men, a great hunt to prove their loyalty to the gods. These mighty beasts; boars, stags and bears each carry the golden mark of Herne, left after the mythical creature is bested. Each golden mark is of the utmost value to my hunters and we would provide a handsome reward to those who collect them from each beast.
The Connacht knights, each belonging to a secret order who swear loyalty to Queen Medb, are seeking to trap and destroy the legendary beasts. They will use the golden marks in dark rituals to the evil gods, seeking aid to fund their villainy. We must do our utmost to ensure the sanctity of the Great Hunt is not destroyed by these varlets and drive them back from these shores. 
Level Boar Stag Bear
60 Thorch (Northern Peninsular beach) Criopus (west of Highshore Village) Peither (south of Crookback Hollow, in Lir's Reach)
120 Cullach (west bank of the Shalemont Ravine river) Braich (south-east of the lake in Shalemont Ravine) Goloko (south bank of the river running through Fingal's Cave)
180 Dukar (path leading east from Warden's Crossing) Cabrach (west of the entrance to Gelebron's Tower) Ursor (near the bridge to Crom's prison in the Otherworld)

Luxury Shop


Gayle has journeyed with Herne's Hunters to provide them with amazing jewellery, crafted to aid them in The Great Hunt. Each piece is imbibed with powerful magic and the luxury items she sells are among the most powerful seen in the lands of Dal Riata. Gayle the Hunter will only stay in Farcrag Castle during the Ostara, so you should visit her soon!
Eagle Mounts
Raghnall the Hunter is a mage of great ability, crafting mounts in the image of eagles so that Herne's Hunters can dispatch their prey with haste, some utilising camouflage to hide their approach. Whilst he is in Farcrag Castle you can purchase one of these rare mounts from him, whilst others can be found in the Springleaf Mystery Chest. Raghnall will depart once the Ostara has ended, so you must catch him afore he leaves.


You can get the Springleaf Mystery Chest from the Item Shop, containing an exciting new Heroic Combo Elixir as well as an array of other new enticing items. These include bagpipes, drums, Wyldwood fashion, Ostara wigs, Soaring Eagle Mounts, Gelebron's Guard charms, heroic elixir bundles, up to 4000 platinum, and a grand prize of two million gold! Don't wait around though, the Springleaf Mystery Chest is only available during the Ostara 2015 event!



Deep within the Connacht halls…
The great canvas of the map made the war table creak under its weight, the serfs unfurling it so the known world was revealed to Queen Medb and her generals. Their beady eyes quickly glanced across the surface and then hands, scarred from numerous battles, pushed symbols onto the map; each token representing the Queen’s armies.
“We’ve suppressed the uprising to the south my Queen, the leaders have been strung up by their gizzards as an example to others who might question your rule.”
“Good”, came the dusty response, her voice infected with evil, “and what of Dal Riata. They should pay for denying me as their Queen.”
General Corrus shuffled nervously, knowing the news he would bring his leader might see him fed - quite literally - to the dogs, when a messenger entered. He approached Corrus, whispering in his ear, and the warchief turned back to his Queen with a leering grin.
“Ah, your majesty”, he said in glee, “I have heard that The Great Hunt is afoot within the lands of Dal Riata and Herne’s Hunters seek aid to catch the prey that carry golden marks.”
Queen Medb leaned forward into the candle light and raised an eyebrow, her face calloused and grey thin lips pursed together.
Corrus continued, stammering, “Those g-golden marks… is it not t-true our mages can use them to summon ancient evils to do our bidding?”
She rose from the throne to her full height, her shadow dwarfing those who served and threw her arms out wide.
“Yes”, she cried, “Oh yes! Call forth the Eirinn Dragons and my knights. We shall make our enemies in Dal Riata pay.” 

Within the sunrise…
She had the dream again. The mythic Wyldwood, verdant and green, the fresh smell of spring and the mighty white stag. The passion of the hunt and that feeling of nervous excitement as the arrow leased from her bow to find its mark. It was a blessing from Herne himself. 
As Seda awoke her mouth curled into a smile and rolling from her bedding she grabbed her hunting horn, ripping open the flaps of the tent and stepping into the spring dawn, the last snows of Yule melting about her. As the carved horn met her lips she blew gently and a resplendently clear note sung out into the crisp air; the song carried over leagues and repeated by others woken by its note. The chorus celebrating the start of the Ostara and with it The Great Hunt. 
Herne’s Hunters gathered quickly and with each passing night the dreams became more vivid, the forests and mountains becoming more familiar until they all saw the castle, Farcrag. The Great Hunt would begin there. 
Waiting for one more night, so those who had travelled from far could join them, they slept safe amongst their fellow hunters, yet that night the dream changed. Seda woke with a jolt, her clothing damp with sweat, her breathing heavy and her brow furrowed in concern. As this time when her arrow was leased at the stag, something else hove into view, a Knight of Queen Medb’s Dark Orders… the Connacht.

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