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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

History of Gelebrons Tower

This is the story of how Gelebron's Tower came to be, according to the stories told by the NPCs stationed in the Tower of Gallan Marrak.

The Otherworld was once home to the gods, but long ago the children of the Morrigan came to the gods in peace, and offered them a brew that was secretly laced with poison. When the gods drank the concoction, they fell into a deep and timeless sleep. The poisonous brew slipped from their hands as they sank into slumber, and it poisoned the Otherworld. 

From the poison, the seed of Dradriel settled in the rich soil of the Otherworld, and flourished. Draedril was a plant that spawned in the dark grove of Badan Olc, which was fed by the blood of the Morrigan itself.  

Gelebron was once a loyal subject of the goddess Branwen, who grants Tokens of Fealty to her followers. Gelebron received the most of any person, for his "actions providing salvation to mankind." To increase his power, Gelebron wished to journey to the Otherworld to feed upon its raw energies. Knowing that the Otherworld was poisoned, Branwen warned Gelebron against this. However, he defied her warnings and traveled to the Otherworld anyways.

Entering the Otherworld, Gelebron found that it was the former home of the gods, now tainted by the Morrigan's children. On his journey, Gelebron came upon the Dradriel, who was laying in wait for someone like Gelebron to twist to its will. The evil plant tricked Gelebron into protecting it, deceiving him into thinking that it would be destroyed by the battles raging across the Otherworld. Partaking of its sap, Gelebron fell under the spell of the Dradriel.

The Dradriel crept into Gelebron's mind, poisoning his thoughts. Believing its lies, Gelebron started thinking that he was more powerful than Crom Cruach, who is imprisoned in the fortress of Rath Parras in the Otherworld. Gelebron began seeking a way to free Crom from his prison, so that he could feed off of Crom's powers.

After his encounter with the Dradriel, Gelebron found the golems of the Otherworld constructing a large tower. The golems were "mindless automata designed to constuct this structure for some ancient reason, now lost." The tower itself was constructed from enchanted spyrestone, mined from the chasm of Doch Gul that surrounded the tower. 

The only entrance to the tower was a single bridge across the void, with dark magick surging across the ravine which would claim the lives of anyone sent to mine the depths of the chasm, except the golems which were not truly dead or alive. Gelebron seized control of the golems to build the tower to his own design, naming it Gallan Marrak. Once the golems had completed the construction of Gallan Marrak, Gelebron cast them out because he did not trust them.

Gelebron began to create servants for himself that he could trust, and would serve him, and him alone. This is how the tower Sentinels came to be, and why Gelebron surrounds himself with them in the Arcane Sanctum of his tower.

Sensing the powerful magick radiating from the tower, evil wizards were drawn to Gallan Marrak. They sought out Gelebron as their new master, so that by ingratiating themselves to him they might learn his secrets. The magick of the tower enhances their powers, so that they can perform dark and ancient rites.
One of the magicks that they performed was to create the Onyxhounds. The Onyxhounds are not simply dogs. They are living statues carved from the spyrestone of Doch Gul, and animated by the malicious wizards of the tower to protect Gelebron. Their teeth and claws are sharper than flint, and they wear powerful armor to protect them.

As Gelebron's power grew, king, chieftains, and warlords sought his counsel. They sought to ally themselves with Gelebron and use his great powers to subdue their enemies. However, the price of his power was a life of servitude, and the once mighty kings fell under his spell, losing their kingdoms. Many lost their lives. As the armies saw their leaders fall under the sway of Gelebron, some fled, but many others stayed and swore loyalty to the arch-wizard.

Kings and wizards were not the only ones that were drawn to Gallan Marrak. Outlaw imps were also enticed into the tower by the promise of plundered treasure and alchemical components. As they snuck in, they were captured by the guards and enslaved by wizards to do their bidding in their laboratories. However the imps broke free of their enslavement, and dismantled and stole the equipment used by Gelebron's alchemists. The imps did so much damage, that Gelebron's chief alchemist, Lazhar the Alchemist, sought to abandon the tower.

Gelebron began following a dark path, and cast off the trappings of his past life, replacing them with offerings crafted by his minions. The first to be discarded were Branwen's Tokens of Fealty, which now are used as trophies of his evil forces. Some of Gelebron's discarded items were seized by his followers, and they drew power from them.

The evil power in Gallan Marrak grew, and the eyes of corruption, the Abominax, took up residence in the upper reaches of the tower to guard its master. Also in the upper levels, armored phantoms were summoned to guard against intruders. Their corrupted souls are protected by enchanted platemail, while their single eye peers out into the darkness of the tower.

In time, some of the Sentinels that Gelebron created became became self-aware, and began to question his actions. They did not understand the dark power he coveted, or "the evil root that he was building the tower around." These rogue sentinels created a pact to aid any heroes that came to free the tower from Gelebron's evil.

One of these heroes was Vela the Archer. This great hero came to destroy Gelebron, but fell to the Abominax in the Forbidden Halls. Despite this setback, a hand full of adventurers have penetrated the tower, and stay to aid any who oppose the evil of Gelebron. Will you be the next hero to leave their mark on the tower of Gallan Marrak?

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