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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How to Kill Aggragoth

This is a complete guide on how to kill Aggragoth.


Aggragoth is a level 150/6* big purple dragon boss in the far Eastern cave of the Otherworld, past the lava fields. He is surrounded by four Blackstone Wyrmtamer adds.

Respawn is 2 - 4 days


  • Aura of Terror - Lower attack in area
  • Tearing Claws - Dragon single target reduce max hp.
  • Dragon Fire - Deals fire damage + incinerate
  • Chaos Roar - Aggragoth only, 750 chaos damage skill.
Blackstone Wyrmtamers (Adds)
  • Curse of Fire - Blackstone mob lure of fire skill
  • Blessing of Crom - Blackstone mob area heal
  • Blast - Blackstone mob magic attack

  • Spit Fire - Wyvern firebolt skill

Tearing Claws

This skill greatly reduces the maximum health of the tank, but there is a way to remove it. A druid with a level 6 or greater abundance can remove this status debuff and return the tank to their maximum HP.


Right now, people are high enough level to run into Aggragoth with no strategy and take him down successfully. This is the strategy that we used in update 3, back before we were all a high level.

The Blackstone Wyrmtamers are nuisances to deal with, especially because they can heal Aggragoth and make you weak to fire. However, they have low energy compared to other boss adds. We would pull them away from Aggragoth using a Ranger, and have the tank aggro them. The tank would then keep tanking them, and no one would do damage to the Wyrmtamers. In a relatively short amount of time, they would quit casting spells because they would be out of energy.

The tank would then engage Aggragoth, positioning himself to the South of Aggragoth's spawn point. There, the main tank would occupy Aggragoth and all the Wyrmtamers while the druids healed him.

All other DPS classes would then start attacking Aggragoth. When Aggragoth calls for help, some of the wyverns will come and the DPS classes should kill them.

In a short amount of time, your clan will be able to defeat Aggragoth successfully, with minimal deaths.

This is the correct way to use this strategy:

This is the wrong way to engage Aggragoth

Aggragoth Loot

Aggragoth always drops four items: one weapon, one bracelet, and two rings,

Aggy either drops a book for casters, or a trident for rogues, warriors, rangers.

Let's begin with the books. There are three lvls of books:

  • VOID GRIMOIRE - lvl required 150 - crush 15, speed 3000, weight 3, 300 stat*, 175 focus
  • SHADOW GRIMOIRE - lvl req - 130 - crush 10, spd 3050, wt 3, 200 stat*, 150 foc
  • DARK GRIMOIRE - lvl req - 110 - crush 5, spd 3100, wt 3, 100 stat*, 125 

stat depends on the type of GRIMOIRE it is. There are four types of GRIMOIRES:

  • MAGIC - Natures Magic
  • FLAME - Fire Magic
  • FROST - Ice Magic
  • HEALTH - Health

So you can see, there are twelve different books that can drop. For example:
VOID GRIMOIRE of HEALTH - lvl req 150, crush 15, speed 3000, weight 3, 300 health, 175 focus. DARK GRIMOIRE of FIRE - lvl req 110, crush 5, spd 3100, wt 3, 100 fire magic, 125 focus.

Tridents also follow the same type of pattern. Tridents are main hand weapons that use the spear ability. There are three levels of tridents:

  • VOID TRIDENT - level required 150 - pierce 110, speed 3000, weight 20, 75 stat*, 300 spear
  • SHADOW TRiDENT - lvl req 130 - pierce 105, spd 3050, wt 20, 50 stat*, 200 spear
  • DARK TRIDENT - lvl req 110 - pierce 100, spd 3100, wt 20, 25 stat*, 100 spear

stat depends on the type of TRIDENT it is. There are three types of TRIDENTS:

  • CELERITY - Dexterity
  • ZEAL - Vitality
  • WRATH - Strength

You can see there are nine different TRIDENTS that can drop.

There are three different types of damage rings each with subtypes. They are not class specific and have a level requirement of 120. Here are the different types:

  • GODLY - 50 damage*, 30 resist^, 30 resist*
  • IMPERIAL - 45 dmg*, 28 res^, 28 res*
  • ROYAL - 40 dmg*, 25 res^, 25 res*

There are also three subtypes:

  • STORMFIST - Magic Damage, Magic Resist, Crush Resist
  • FIREFANG - Fire Damage, Fire Resist, Pierce Resist
  • COLDSTEEL - Cold Damage, Cold Resist, Slash Resist

There are nine possible DAMAGE RING drops from Aggy. For example:
GODLY STORMFIST RING - level req 120 - 50 Magic Damage, 30 Resist Crush, 30 Resist Magic. ROYAL COLDSTEEL RING - lvl req 120 - 40 Cold Damage, 25 Resist Slash, 25 Resist Cold.
And so on and so forth....

DRAGON SKILL RINGS are class specific and have a level requirement of 100. They also Bind On Equip. There are five different types of DSR's:

  • GODLY DRAGON RING - 10 Skill*
  • GRAND DRAGON RING - 8 Skill*
  • MAJOR DRAGON RING - 7 Skill*
  • MINOR DRAGON RING - 6 Skill*

skill depends on the name of the ring, all rings are named for skills. For example, a
GODLY DRAGON RING of NATURES TOUCH is - level required 100 - 10 Natures Touch.
MAJOR DRAGONS RING of SWEEPING BLOW is - lvl req 100 - 7 Sweeping Blow,

All have a level requirement of 120. All AB's give 75 stat, 250 ability and 5 skill.

For example:
  • FIREMAGES BRACELET of FOCUS is - class: MAGE - level required 120 - 75 focus, 250 fire magic, 5 fire bolt. 
  • VAGRANTS BRACELET of DEXTERITY is - level required 120 - 75 dex, 250 spear, 5 light heal. 
  • AGITATORS BRACELET of SWORDS is - lvl req 120 - 75 vit, 250 sword, 5 taunt.

There are 4 types of bracelets for each class:
  • Warrior - Agitator (Taunt), Barbarian (Frenzy), Gladiator (Giant Swing), Protector (Protective Stance)
  • Mage - Ice Mage (Ice Shards), Fire Mage (Fire Bolt), Conjurer (Cloak of Fire), Battlemage (Energy Shield)
  • Druid - Spiritcaller (Spring of Life), Healer (Nature's Touch), Tempest (Lightning Strike), Enchanter (Shield of Bark)
  • Rogue - Sneak (Sneaky Attack), Reaper (Rend), Shadow (Fast Reflexes), Poisoner (Poison Weapon)
  • Ranger - Vagrant (Light Heal), Trapper (Bolas), Hunter (Barbed Shot), Marksman (Rapid Shot)
There are also at least three types of each bracelet. For example, there is a Healers Bracelet of Focus,a Healers Bracelet of Totems, and a Healers Bracelet of Vitality.


  • Older AGGY BRACELETS are not class specific. This was changed at some point and AB's are now class specific. 
  • Aggragoth was red when the Otherworld was released in v3
  • More wyverns and blackstone mobs were added in v3 to the area before Aggy to make the encounter more difficult.
  • There used to be a wyvern to the left of Aggy that would spawn every 20 seconds, and could be farmed for a lot of gold. This was removed by OTM in Spring 2015.
  • Aggragoth used to be able to climb up the walls around him, so that you could not target him. OTM fixed this glitch in the Destiny Engine update of December 2014.

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