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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How to Kill Coppinger the Cruel

This is a complete guide on how to kill Coppinger the Cruel.


Coppinger the Cruel is a level 95/6* boss for the Meteoric Armor quests who drops tablets, specifically for the Meteoric chest piece as he is the only one that drops Mind Tablets. Coppinger is in a room with many Coppinger Guardians, but he does not call for them to help him.

Respawn is 30 - 60 min

Click here for the guide to the Meteoric Armor Quest

Coppinger has many variations and placeholders:

  • Coppinger Peon (*) - Drops a low level gem
  • Coppinger Lackey (**) - Drops a low level gem
  • Coppinger Minion (***) - Drops a good gem
  • Coppinger Protector (****) - Drops a good gem
  • Coppinger Disciple (*****) - Drops a good gem or a meteor bracelet
  • Herald of Coppinger (*****) - Drops one meteoric tablet
  • Coppinger Gemcarrier (*****) - Drops three good gems
  • Coppinger the Cruel (******) - Drops three meteoric tablets


Coppinger is located in a hidden part of the sewers in the Murky Vaults, East of the Lower Cistern leystone behind a waterfall. After that to find him you need to go to the furthest East point of this hidden section.


  • Withering Chaos - Meteor armor boss chaos damage skill, requires raid armor to resist.
  • Electroshocker - Lightning strike (magic damage)
  • Thunderclap - Lightning Strike
  • Wild Embrace - Nature's Embrace - heal over time
  • Choking Vines - Strangling Vines - damage over time
  • Cloak of the Remnant - Cloak of Fire - Meteoric bosses only
  • Warp Bolt - Massive magic damage attack - Meteoric bosses only
  • Meteoric Blast - Ice Shards with heat damage - Meteoric bosses only
  • Meteoric Scourge - Bolas + Firebolt - Meteoric bosses only
  • Eldrich Regeneration - Nature's Touch 'plus' - Meteoric bosses only - Casts at low life
  • Spread the Plague - Sewer boss AOE sewer pox. Countered with Smuggler's Tonic.

Withering Pox

Sewer bosses, specifically Coppinger, does a skill called "Spread the Plague." This skill gives you a powerful damage over time (DoT) debuff that lasts for 3 minutes. If it is not removed it will kill you.

The only way to remove it, and prevent it from being cast on you is to use a Smuggler's Tonic. You can get these by doing the Stolen Cargo quest at the Aldington Camp in Dunskeig Sewers. This quest is given by Finlow the Smuggler. If you collect 5 Cargo Chests, he will give you one Smuggler's Tonic. This quest is repeatable.

Use a Smuggler's Tonic before you engage Coppinger to resist the Withering Pox debuff.


If you are at a high level, you can probably destroy Coppinger easily. However, if you are equal to his level, you will find him very difficult. Standard tanking is the best way of killing him, but there are some things to be aware of while doing it.

  • Stay to the side of Coppinger as you attack him to avoid any adds seeing you. Coppinger does not call any adds, but you do not want to aggro them.
  • You will need a decent amount of DPS, as Coppinger has two different ways of healing.
  • You will need a few Smuggler's Tonics to resist the Withering Pox that he casts. The Pox is AoE so all party members will need it.
  • If you have a druid, Ward of Fire and Magic will help a lot.
  • Coppinger casts a Cloak of Fire skill, so that any melee attaks will damage you as well. While this is active, if you stop using auto attack and just use skill attacks you will not be harmed by the cloak of fire.
  • Coppinger casts an AoE chaos damage skill that only the quest armor will reduce. If you don't already have the Meteoric armor or higher, use the Warden armor to reduce the damage.

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