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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How to Kill Falgren Bloodbinder

This is a complete guide on how to kill Falgren Bloodbinder.


Falgren is in the furthest West part of Stonevale, in an area named the Bloodgrove. The area he is in is also sometimes called "the druid pit," as it is an enclosed area with many Bloodgrove Druids in it. Behind Falgren is the portal to the Otherworld.

Respawn is 1 hour

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Falgren is a level 80/6* large druid, dressed all in red and black, carrying a large staff. It is possible that instead of Falgren spawning, a 4* or 5* placeholder will appear. These are Ventus Bloodbinder and Brutus Bloodbinder, respectively. Falgren drops Dragon, Crown, and Elm Disc fragments used in the Warden armor and weapon quests. Falgren is the only boss that drops Dragon Disc fragments.

Falgren always drops 3 disc fragments, and Brutus drops 1. Ventus does not drop any disc fragments.


  • Storm of Wrath - Lightning strike +
  • Thunderclap - Lightning Strike
  • Boon of Crom - Nature's Touch heal +
  • Wild Touch - Nature's Touch heal
  • Wild Embrace - Nature's Embrace - heal over time
  • Buffeting Gale - Howling Winds - decrease opponent attack rating
  • Shield of Earth - Shield of Bark - increase armor
  • Choking Vines - Strangling Vines - damage over time
  • Earthen Bonds - Grasping Roots - prevent opponent from moving
  • Corrupting Chaos - Warden quest boss chaos damage skill - requires raid armor to resist


There is not much strategy involved to defeat Falgren, and many higher level characters can solo him now without any problem. However, if you are equal to his level, the best strategy is to tank him with a warrior, and have a druid heal the tank. All other DPS characters should attack Falgren while he Warrior tanks him.

You cannot pull Falgren or bolas walk him effectively because he has so many ranged attacks.  Therefore, the best strategy is to simply tank him.


  • Falgren was introduced in v2 when Stonevale was released.
  • The first server to defeat him was Arawn, and only because Falgren was glitched and wouldn't attack back vs ranged attacks.

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