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Friday, May 15, 2015

How to kill Mordris

This is a complete guide on how to kill Mordris, along with strategies and descriptions.


Mordris is a level 190/6* red dragon boss that drops end game drops of weapons, bracelets, and rings. Mordris is in the furthest South cave of Carrowmore Tunnels, and is surrounded by 4 troll Deepfire Sentinels, and one druid add named Priestess of the Morrigan.

Mordris is also known as Mordy or Mord.

Respawn is 2-4 days.


Mordris is in the furthest South cave of Carrowmore Tunnels


  • Fingal's Bane - Mordris skill, negated by Fingal's Shield
  • Chaos Rend - Mordris only, 2500 chaos damage skill
  • Aura of Terror - Lower attack in area
  • Tearing Claws - Dragon single target reduce max hp.
  • Dragon Fire - Deals fire damage + incinerate
  • Inferno - Mordris super area attack (10,000 fire damage)
  • Cloak of Chaos - Mordris damage shield, used when on low health.
Deepfire Sentinel (Adds)
  • Stunning Blow - Mordris Troll add stun
  • Chaotic Rampage - Chaos AoE (6k dmg)
Priestess of the Morrigan (Add)
  • Blessing of the Morrigan - Area heal for 10k
  • Chaotic Touch - Mordris add emergency heal for 50k
  • Shroud of the Raven - Area poison damage
  • Chaos Storm - Chaos area skill
  • Curse of Chains - Reduce melee speed
  • Armour of Bark - Armour boost skill
  • Curse of Roots - Grasping roots skill
  • Curse of Insects - AoE magic DoT

Tearing Claws

This skill greatly reduces the maximum health of the tank, but there is a way to remove it. A druid with a level 6 or greater abundance can remove this status debuff and return the tank to their maximum HP.

Fingal's Bane

Mordris casts a skill that is a powerful AoE chaos attack called Fingal's Bane. This can be completely negated by wearing full Dragonlord armor, which grants you the status Fingal's Shield. The Exalted Dragonlord Armor set will also block Fingal's Bane.


There are many strategies for killing Mordris. This is the one that we came up with on Arawn that works best for us. This strategy requires approximately 35-40 people. Everyone should ideally be wearing full Dragonlord, or Exalted Dragonlord Armor to negate Fingal's Bane.

  • There are three types of groups: tank group, DPS groups, and one group to clear regular troll and wyrm adds.
  • The add clearing group can be made up of lower level characters without full DL armor, and one druid. They kill adds for the entire fight and stay away from Mordris.
Before the fight everyone gathers on the slope to the northeast of Mordris. Druids and tank usually go to the corner directly East of Mordris.

The fight begins by a ranger pulling out the Deepfire Sentinel troll adds. Usually they pull 2-3 trolls at a time, because once they are killed the timer starts on their respawn. Once every troll is dead, the DPS groups run around the right side of Mordris, and a ranger pulls out the Priestess of the Morrigan. If Mordris comes with the Priestess, then the ranger logs out to lose aggro and reset Mordris.

DPS hit the Priestess hard and fast, and one person announces in clan chat how much percent life she has left. When she is at 5%, the tank runs forward and grabs Mordris, pulling her backwards toward the slope where everyone started. 

At this point the tank should be buffed up, especially with Fire Ward, at least a +6 abundance (to negate tearing claws), and Shield of Bark. The tank should also be using the standard heroic elixirs for tanking. If there is any doubt that your tank isn't strong enough, a secondary tank can be added to the tank/druid group to keep aggro away from the DPS groups. The druids typically stand to the East of Mordris and the tank. There should be a couple DPS that stay by the druids to keep adds off of them.

The DPS groups should all be hitting Mordris at this point, and should all be on hastes. The add clearing group will continue to clear trolls and wyrms.

During the fight, the Deepfire Sentinels and Priestess will respawn. When someone sees that they respawn, someone should announce it in clan chat, and all DPS groups should concentrate on killing them. This is especially important for the Priestess, as she can heal Mordris.

At low life, Mordris does two skills. The first is Inferno, where Mordris casts a powerful fire AoE attack that will wipe out anyone near her. The second is Cloak of Chaos, which is a damage shield that causes damage to any person melee attacking. Skill attacks do not trigger the Cloak of Chaos.

Alternative Strategy

It is also possible to pull the Priestess of the Morrigan to the West along the pile of gold, and either tank her there, or use mages to freeze her. That way your DPS groups can concentrate on killing Mordris, instead of needing to kill the Priestess. She cannot heal mordris from this far away. But be careful, because she is tough. See the skills she uses in the list above so you know what to look out for.

Mordris Loot

Mordris always has 4 drops: 1 weapon (halberd or book) or helmet, 1 bracelet (or rarely another weapon/helm), and two skill rings.

Mordris Rings

Here are some characteristics of Mordris Rings
  • Mordris always drops two rings per fight
  • You can equip more than one of the same ring at a time.
  • Each ring grants a bonus to two skills.
  • Rings are Bind on Equip
Level ReqSkill Bonus

Abyssal Ring ofClassSkill #1Skill #2
WARFAREWarriorSweeping BlowWarcry
GUARDINGWarriorShield BashDefensive Formation
KNIGHTHOODWarriorProtective StanceGiant Swing
SHIELDSWarriorShield BashShield Wall
DEFENDERSWarriorProtective StanceDefensive Formation
BACKSTABBINGRogueSneaky AttackDistract
SHADOWSRogueHideSmoke Bomb
LETHALITYRoguePoison WeaponAssassinate
LACERATIONRogueRendExpose Weakness
VAMPIRISMRogueFast ReflexesLife Steal
SABOTAGERogueSmoke BombExpose Weakness
FATALITYRogueQuick StrikeAssasinate
HUNTINGRangerSteady AimLongshot
RESPITERangerLight HealConceal
FORTIFICATIONRangerDefensive SpikesSharpen Weapons
SHARPSHOOTINGRangerSharp ShotRapid Shot
VIGILANCERangerSteady AimSharpen Weapons
SWIFTNESSRangerRapid ShotEntangle
BOMBARDMENTRangerLongshotExplosive Arrow
BURNINGMageCloak of FireIncinerate
GLACIAL STORMSMageIce ShardsFreeze
DESTRUCTIONMageFire StormIce Blast
LINGERING COLDMageEnergy ShieldFrostbite
CURSESMageLure of FireLure of Ice
INFERNOMageFire BoltIncinerate
BLIZZARDSMageIce ShardsFrostbite
RITUALSMageEnergy WellSacrifice
TEMPESTSDruidHowling WindLightning Strike
INVIGORATIONDruidNatures BreathAbundant Aura
ENDURINGDruidHowling WindSanctuary
BLESSINGSDruidShield of BarkBless
ENSNARINGDruidStrangling VinesEnergy Harvest
ROOTSDruidStrangling VinesGrasping Roots
REVIVALDruidNatures TouchSpring of Life
HEALINGDruidNatures TouchNatures Breath


They add a bonus to a skill level, as well as a direct damage/heal bonus to that skill. Only one type of Mordris bracelet can be worn at a time, so that two of the same bracelets with the same skill types cannot be worn.


Click the link above to see all the different types of helmets Mordris drops. This helmet, when worn, does not break the set bonus of the Dragonlord or Exalted Dragonlord armor and can replace the helm out of this set.


Weapons are either Halberds (spears) or Books (for casters).


  • Mordris was added in a patch shortly after the Dragonfire Update (update 4)
  • The first clan to kill Mordris was Revenge on Rosmerta. They decided not to show any screenshots or tell people how it was done because of the hate they got from other clans after they were the first to kill Hrungnir. This caused an uproar on the forums.

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