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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Beltane 2015 Event Guide

This is your guide to the Beltane 2015 Summer event in Celtic Heroes that ran from August 11 to October 26, 2015 (76 days). I'll be showing you new bosses, quests, chests, luxury items, mounts, fashion, and mobs along with maps and info about each part of the event.

Beltane is a summer event that falls between Ostara (Spring) and Samhain (Autumn). This event introduces the arrival of the Order of Brath, and the return of the fearsome Morcas creatures.


There are 4 Morcas Dryad bosses this event. Each encounter is the same, but with more difficulty as the boss level gets higher. They come in 5* and 6* difficulties. The 5* Dryads drop one item, and the 6* Dryads drop 3 items. See the map in the hat quest section below to see boss locations.

Respawn Times

  • Skain respawns 5 hours after he was killed in a 5 minute window. 
  • Jalan respawns 3 hours after he's killed.
  • Cronach respawns 2 hours after he's killed.
  • Mallach respawns 1 hours after he's killed.

When the evil warlocks blighted the land with their Morcas creatures we expected we had driven them away. Not so. The creatures reformed deep beneath the earth and have risen up to curse the land once more. Of these, Skain Banebark is the most powerful. 
When we though the Morcas curse was freed from our lands we never realized the insidious nature of these creatures. Each one remains lay deep beneath the earth, gathering enough strength ad reforming into a curse that would wreak havoc upon the lands of Dal Riata each year. 
Mallach Witherleaf (lvl 60/6*) and Mallach Elder (lvl 60/5*)
Lir's Reach: South of the Castle, East of the field where you get Rafferty's Ring

Cronach Spitesap (lvl 110/6*) and Cronach Elder (lvl 110/5*)
Stonevale: Next to Fellfire to the West

Jalan Curseroot (lvl 160/6*) and Jalan Elder (lvl 160/5*)
Otherworld: West of Rockalanche all the way against the wall

Skain Banebark (lvl 210/6*) and Skain Elder (lvl 210/5*)
Lir's Reach: East of the Flintblade camp

Boss Skills
  • Rootwhip - AoE crush damage skill
  • Splinter - AoE crush lure
  • Morcas Regeneration - Heal over time skill
  • Thorn Snare - Damage over time skill (only 5 seconds)
  • Healing ward skills - ward spells (fire/ice/magic) that heals him whenever that type of magic is cast on him

Encounter Description
  • Each boss has 3 adds that cast the skill Rootwhip, which is an AoE damage skill
  • Each boss casts ward spells (rotation is fire/ice/magic) that heals him whenever that type of magic is cast on him. He recasts a different ward as soon as the active one expires.
    • To trigger the heal, you need to do at least 200 damage
    • He heals for 20k every time
    • After he heals, he has a 5 second buffer before he can heal again.
  • The boss also casts an AoE crush lure called Splinter. It can be cancelled by a level 6 Ward of Giants. His attacks are crush based.
  • The boss only has two damage skills, but has big auto attacks. Howling Wind helps a lot here.
  • The Splinter crush lure can be cancelled by a level 6 Ward of Giants cast on the group.
  • It seems like these bosses are weak to fire/ice/magic.
  • Mallach (50): A level 150-200 any class can kill him in about 5 minutes but will need to use restos when Splinter is active. tanking all adds
  • Cronach (100): A level 200 rogue or warrior with a druid can kill him in a matter of minutes, tanking all adds, or substituting a elixirs for a druid. Other classes should clear adds first.
  • Jalan (150): A team of three level 180-200 DPS classes can kill him with bolas on, and clearing adds first. 
  • Skain (200): For a 6* you need two groups, one DPS and one tank/druid group. A 5* Elder can be killed by less than a full group of level 200+ characters, not even needing a druid.
Boss Drops
These bosses drop rings, necklaces, and charms that are similar in stats to the jewelry from Beltane 2014. This jewelry can be substituted for Beltane 2014 jewelry, and still maintain the same set bonus. However, Skain drops are level required 200, Jalan is 150, Cronach is 100, and Mallach is 50.

Here is how the different tiers of drops compare to the Skain drops
  • Mallach = Skain divided by 10
  • Cronach = Skain divided by 5
  • Jalan = Skain divided by 2
Here are descriptions of the items, and how they compare to Beltane 2014 jewelry


There are Morcas creatures in multiple zones around the world that correspond to special Beltane Bounties given from the Bounty Board. These mobs rarely drop items such as Beacons of Destiny, coins, a very rare horse mount, and other items.
  • Stags - Lir's Reach
  • Unicorns - Shalemont and Stonevale
  • Dryads - Otherworld
  • Enraged Dryads - Otherworld
In addition, there are Morcas faeries that correspond to the Sage's Shillelagh quest in Lir's Reach, The Castle, Arena, Tavern, Shalemont, Fingal's Cave, and Carrowmore Tunnels.


Bounty Board Quests
There are multiple bounty board quests to kill a variety of different mobs based on your character's level. These bounties have many different names, but they have the same objectives.
  • Stags - Lir's Reach
  • Unicorns - Shalemont and Stonevale
  • Dryads - Otherworld
Sage's Shillelagh
Quest starts at Sage Padriga right of the fountain in the courtyard of the castle, and the reward is a Sage's Shillelagh novelty weapon. In this quest you need to kill Morcas faeries in Lir's Reach, The Castle, Arena, Tavern, Shalemont, Fingal's Cave, and Carrowmore Tunnels. You need to obtain:
  • 3 Ancient Tomes of Wisdom - Faeries of Dust (Most Common)
  • 3 Ancient Tomes of Insight - Faeries of Grime (Common)
  • 3 Ancient Tomes of Mystery - Faeries of Ashes (Rarest)
See the map below for Morcas Creature locations

Shillelagh of Brath
This is the second stage of the Sage's Shillelagh quest, and is unlocked after you complete it once. You will obtain a Shillelagh of Brath novelty weapon of random strength. This weapon has a proc on it. To finish this quest you need to hand in three Sage's Shillelaghs, and kill Trasgar of Cinereal once. Trasgar is a fairy seated in the field West of Highshore Village in Lir's Reach.

See the map below for Morcas Creature locations

Sage's Visage
The Sage's Visage quest starts at Sage Erwana at the fountain, and rewards you with a mask that is "worn during the ceremonies of the Order of Brath to show the duality of mankind." The rewards are a Sage's Visage of Joy or Rage. There are also rare Glistening Sage's Visages that sparkle. You will need to gather herbs that are in Lir's Reach, Farcrag Castle, Arena, Shalemont Ravine, Fingal's Cave, and The Otherworld. Flowers take 2-3 minutes to respawn. The requirements for each color are as follows:
  • Red: 10 Flame Marigolds
  • Pink: 20 Flame Marigolds
  • Orange: 40 Flame Marigolds
  • Yellow: 10 Flame Marigolds, 5 Periwinkle Knapweed
  • Green: 20 Flame Marigolds, 20 Periwinkle Knapweed
  • Turquoise: 40 Flame Marigolds, 30 Periwinkle Knapweed
  • Blue: 80 Flame Marigolds, 40 Periwinkle Knapweed
  • Purple: 50 Flame Marigolds, 20 Periwinkle Knapweed, 5 Cobalt Foxgloves
  • Black: 100 Flame Marigolds, 30 Periwinkle Knapweed, 10 Cobalt Foxgloves
  • White: 200 Flame Marigolds, 40 Periwinkle Knapweed, 20 Cobalt Foxgloves
At the end of this quest you will have collected:
  • 570 Flame Marigolds
  • 185 Periwinkle Knapweed
  • 35 Cobalt Foxgloves

Luxury Shop

Item Shop - Left of Arena Entrance

Sage Caradoc has created a fine set of luxury items for you to peruse in Farcrag Castle. His handiwork is said to be some of the best in all the landsand he imbues that which he creates with ancient knowledge from the Order's research and study.
Mount Shop - Right of Arena Entrance

Sage Galena has used the wisdom gatherd in the Ancient Library of Brath to craft gliders and capes that use the energy of benevolent spirits to carry the wearer aloft.  

Lustrous Mystery Chests

You can purchase Lustrous Mystery Chests from the Item Shop. It contains an array of new exciting items including Wild Stallions, bagpipes, drums, Sanghal fashion, Ard-Rath wigs, Spirit Capes, Gelebron's Wizard and Enchanted Armour charms, heroic elixir bundles, up to 4000 platinum, and a grand prize of two million gold! 
**Companions also will only come from these chests!**


  • The mount and luxury shops are by the Arena entrance, not in the Castle Courtyard.
  • Companions (Birds) only come from the event mystery chests
    • They are used in the two handed weapon slot
    • Each one gives a little different bonus, such as hp/energy regen.
  • Horses can be obtained in 3 ways
    • From the event mystery chests
    • From Elite Bounties in the Bounty Board
    • A rare drop from Morcas creatures around the world (not from bosses or adds though).
  • Horses are also equipped in the weapon slot as 2 handed. They use novelty ability.


  • Closed beta testing for this event began on June 12, 2015
  • This event introduces the Bounty Board daily quests, and the Hunter's Pledge quest that allows you to work for Bounty Pledges.
  • Bind on Equip was removed from all Aggragoth, Hrungnir, Mordris, and Necromancer rings.
  • This event also introduces redesigned Eye mobs in the Otherworld, making them similar to the tower Abominax mobs.
  • This event introduces a redesigned Shalemont Ravine, with more sheer cliff zone borders, and rain.
  • Other changes include a map legend that lets you click the name of the zone, being able to add favorite items to the skill bar to equip them, being able to mute chat channels, and a One Thumb Mobile splash screen on load.
  • For the Test of Regulus quest, all you have to do now is kill the boss OR THE MINION OF IT.
  • All BOE from boss loot is now gone. 
  • All armour bosses have 5 minute spawn window.
  • All raid bosses now have a lower drop chance for low tier loot, so you should get more high and mid tier.
  • Many skills had their cooldown and cast time changed.
  • Many skills had their damage fluctuation reduced. 
  • Your skills should now be evaded way less. 
  • You can equip items on your hotbar.
  • Bounty board finally lets you have a reliable source of gold and XP.
  • Sharp shot is finally a good skill. Instacast and doesnt interrupt auto (yes it has animation, but dont worry, you are still attacking through animation)
  • There were also performance improvements allowing devices to run better.


A warning from the temple

A warm gust of wind blew through the temple, rustling the ancient scrolls that lay open for research and tousling Conroy’s hair. Upon the air was the smell of summer and Dal Riata, the lands he had left behind to become a sage of the Ancient Order of Brath. Yet, as he drew breath, something acrid flared his nostrils, the scent of the shadow magic practiced in Tor Caith.

Conroy knew the warlocks of that citadel of evil had invaded his home lands at one time and he worried for his people’s safety as, though the warlocks had been beaten back, the Morcas creatures that had fallen on the land had infected the very earth. Their fetid scraps at rest until moons and planet aligned causing the remains to spark into life, rise up and curse the lands once more.

Quickly he gathered scrolls and tomes and burst in on his mentor Halla, breathlessly trying to explain the problem to her as her wise eyes shined, already fully aware of what he knew.

“Travel to your homelands Conroy. As from now we must act each Beltane to aid the people and drive the Morcas scourge from the lands.”

Biding their time

Death meant little and time passed fleetingly, the rise and fall of each season leading to the inevitable day when the planetary bodies aligned over Dal Riata bathing the lands in the mystical light of Beltane.

At first nothing was seen above, as below the earth’s surface something stirred. Gathering the soil and rock about it and feeding on the very life within. Growing stronger and ever more tenacious as it spread its sinews deep through the ground, like some twisted root seeking out life and rendering it lifeless.

Then, as if each knew the others purpose, the Morcas creatures burst from the cracked earth, rising up once again to draw the very life from the Celtic lands, their livestock and their people.

Train your bows and sharpen your swords for the heat of Beltane brings a new evil, Heroes.

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