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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to Win at Lock Battles

This is a guide on how to win at lock battles on any boss in Celtic Heroes.

  • Get Dragonlord armor if you want to lock Dragonlord bosses. Extra divine damage helps. Occult is good too because of the skill bonuses.
  • You need to be within 20 levels of the boss you are locking
  • Be a Rogue
    • Rogues are best for lock battles, because of multiple instant cast damage skills. You should get gear that gives bonuses to these skills:
      • Shadowstrike
        • Shadowstrike Hrungnir helm
        • Occult Breaches (+500 Shadowstrike)
        • Shadowstrike Rings (Royal and Grand)
      • Quick Strike
        • Occult Footguards (+500 Quick Strike)
      • Sneaky Attack
        • Occult Handwraps (+700 Sneaky)
        • Occult Jerkin (+550 Sneaky)
    • Other good gear includes
      • Hrungnir braces that give a bonus to Cunning
      • Rings, Ammys, and other gear that increase Dexterity
      • Wyldshrine Amulet of the Sun - skill that does 4000 piercing damage
    • Do about 2:1 Dexterity/Strength
    • Max out Cunning ability
  • Mages are also good for lock battles now that Firebolt is instant cast. However, Rogues are much more effective.

So now you have a full group of Rogues that are appropriate level and have all the right gear. You can still lose the lock if you aren't paying attention!
  • Learn how to time bosses
  • The spawn windows of armor bosses are 5 minutes. So if you know when they are going to open you can do this:
    • Repeatedly tap the spawn location over and over again
    • While you are doing this, also tap your Shadowstrike button
    • When the boss spawns you will Shadowstrike to him
    • Tap Quickstrike
    • Tap Sneaky
    • Tap your Wyldshrine Sun Ammy skill
  • If everyone in our group does this, you will almost certainly lock whatever boss you are camping.
This build is not suitable for long term fights for 6* bosses. Locking groups full of rogues still have their place, but you will need a tank/druid and other classes to fight the boss.

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