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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ranger Leveling Guide - Stats and Skills

This is a guide on what skills/stats you need to level your Ranger

I like a strength build with bolas the best. Dex skills like sharp shot never really worked for me.

I would recommend you use these skills to level:
  • Bolas - Keeps mobs at a distance
  • Double Shot - unavoidable skill, and damages the mob for double your melee damage
  • Steady Aim - boost your melee damage and attack rating
  • Sharpen Weapons - boosts your melee damage
Secondary skills that you might want to put points in are:
  • Camouflage - Reduces your aggro so that while you are bolasing mobs, you don't aggro other mobs
  • Light Heal - If bolas gets avoided, you can heal yourself without having to use resto pots
  • Rapid Shot - Keep this on your skill bar even if you don't have points in it.
    • I have this as a secondary skill because you won't need it if you are using combos or haste elixirs to level with.
  • Use as much strength as you can to make your melee attack stronger.
  • Make sure you have enough vit to keep you alive
  • You need enough Attack that your melee attacks aren't missing all the time. so don't neglect dex.
This is my ranger build at level 200+

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