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Monday, August 10, 2015

Target Lock Guide

This is a tutorial on how the target lock system works

From Plus3 at

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For those of you who still aren't sure the details behind lock: "Target lock works like this:

If you are within 20 levels above or below the mob, including the 20th there is no penalty and you lock at 15% damage. For each level beyond that you get a 0.5% penalty so if you are 40 levels over the boss it's 15% plus 20x0.5 or 10% so you need 25% to lock. 

Group lock is calculated as follows:

Each player has a % locked value for damage dealt. This is 100% when you would lock solo so its 100% locked at 15% damaged within 20 levels and 100% locked at 25% damage for 40 level over. You add up your whole group %locked and when the group total equals 100% your group locks the boss. 

Therefore in groups there is no penalty for a high level in a low level party, they just don't add as much to the % locked directly. The % the boss locks at will always be between the lowest % and the highest % group members would lock solo, the exact number based on when the %locked hits 100% and lock occurs.

How to game the system and ruin target lock making at level people unable to lock is to have a decent group of mostly the right level people. Ideally they are all exactly 20 levels above the boss. You then have a end game ranger with sharpen weapons and spikes maxed in the group and end game rogues with maxed poison weapon and mages with cloak of fire out of group. The low level lock group gets massive buffs yet keeps the 15% needed (the ranger above wont help much directly though).

Further now with the hotbar noting stops people from equipping a 4k damage ammy for the lock battle then hotbar back to the Garanak ammy after using the skill once. You get the super instant damage plus the long term damage of the gara set."

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