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Friday, September 4, 2015

Alchemical & Occult Armour Quest Guide

This guide gives you all the info you need to complete the Alchemical and Occult Armour Quests

Quest Description

Alchemical/Occult Armour Quests
The Alchemical Armor Quests start at Lazhar the Alchemist at the Vision of Misery leystone at the Bridge of Despair. The quest is set up like the Beastbone armor quest in Carrowmore, but instead of gathering bone fragments you will be gathering Alchemical Vials.

There are two armor sets, once you finish the Alchemical quest for that piece, you can do the Occult Quest (if you meet the level req listed below). Alchemical needs 10 vials, and Occult needs 20 vials.
Level Req Alchemical  Occult
Gloves 170 10 Minor 20 Minor
Boots 175 10 Lesser 20 Lesser
Helm 180 10 Common 20 Common
Legs 185 10 Greater 20 Greater
Chest 190 10 Grand 20 Grand

Where can I get vials?

The vials can drop from any non-chaos mob in Gelebron's Tower (so no bosses or boss adds). However, there is a better chance for some vials to drop on different floors. The name of the vials in bold below have the best chance of dropping on the floor listed, and the other ones have a lower chance of dropping.
  • Floor 1 - Minor, Lesser
  • Floor 2 - Minor, Lesser, Common
  • Floor 3 - Lesser, Common, Greater
  • Floor 4 - Common, Greater, Grand
  • Floor 5 - Greater, Grand

Armour Stats

The charts below show the stats of all the Alchemical and Occult Armour for all classes.

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