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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Druid Leveling Guide - Stats and Skills

This is a guide on what skills/stats you need to level your Druid

The best way to level is to group with another DPS class. rogues are best in my opinion, but any DPS will do. The best build to be in a group is to be hybrid.

  • Damage Skills: Lightning Strike and Strangling Vines
  • Heal Skills: Natures Touch and Natures Breath
  • Buffs: Shield of Bark and/or Abundance. You can do both, or do one of them and then put some points in Stinging Swarm. It's up to you.

Soloing is slow. There are two ways to go in my opinion, but you're going to need energy sigils for both. Like a lot of sigils, or use elixirs/restos.

  • The first way is a howling wind build. 
    • Get some focus and dex gear. Your defense should be at least 1k (not sure at your level though. Haven't tried this at 75). 
    • Max out howling wind. 
    • Use all your DPS skills. Vines, strike, storm, bees, everything. 
    • The other thing you are going to want to do is max out your skill evasions, and use bless if you can. 
    • The theory behind this is that mobs shouldn't be able to touch you, so you don't need bark or abund. 
    • Open the kill with wind, and then load up on the dps.
  • The other way I've tried is using grasping roots. 
    • Pin the mob down with roots and stay away from him. 
    • That way you can do more focus and not have to sacrifice points into dex. 
    • But it's a slow kill, especially if roots evades. 
    • The other concern is ranged DPS. This build sucks against mage and ranger mobs. When I did this I just didn't level on ranged attack mobs. 
    • But on other mobs this build lets you regen from sigils while in combat, so you don't need to spam resto pots or use a lot of lix

I usually group level now though, even at high levels (200+). A hybrid build is still best for group leveling.

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