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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Arcane Sanctum (Floor 6) - Gelebrons Tower Guide

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the sixth floor, the Arcane Sanctum in Gelebron's Tower

This zone is designed for levels 220 and above. To enter it you need to complete the Sentinel Alpha quest in the Forbidden Halls.

This is the top floor of the tower, which is home to Gelebron himself! There are no other floors branching off of this one.

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In the Name of Woes
Sentinel Zeta at the Hall of Corruption leystone gives you a daily XP quest to defeat the 3 floor bosses. This quest is different than previous daily floor quests, because you need to kill all 3 bosses to get XP. Please see the map above for their locations.

These bosses will call for help one time when they are first engaged, but do not call for help after. Kill all the adds, drag the boss to a favorable position, and then start fighting them.
  • The Lord of Agony
    • The Lord of Agony was once the champion to the king of a proud mountain kingdom, yet he plotted to overthrow his master and become ruler of those lands. When the king sought Gelebron's counsel The Lord of Agony saw the opportunity to slay his master, ensuring the king fell, mortally wounded, in the lower levels of this tower. Before he could take up the dead kings trappings, Dradriel whispered to him, twisting his mind by promising him incomparable rewards if it could touch his very soul, twisting him into the Lord of Agony.
  • The Glaring Horror
    • The Glaring Horror and all of its kind were not summoned to the tower by Gelebron. Indeed the vile root Dradriel called to them from the ether. I have heard tales that eyes of this kind not only serve the dark gods but Crom himself, seeking to escape his prison of Rath Parras and looking for ways to weaken or break the remaining seals on his cell. Alas, I fear that Dradriel has plans for Gelebron too and my former master has become a puppet to its lies.
  • Sigma Deathbane
    • Whilst Magnum Opus was the first of Gelebron's sentinels, he became sickened by the death his master wrought. Gelebron called his sentinels before him, sullying Magnum Opus' name out, casting him out and selecting another to be his champion. As Sentinel Sigma was the most ruthless of us Gelebron chose him, renaming him Sigma Deathbane and placing a part of the vile root Dradriel within his heart. There it sits to ensure his loyalty to their cause and watch over each bloody defeat at Sigma's hands with glee.
Magnum Opus Quest Chain
These quests give you more insight into the story behind Gelebron's tower. They give you XP and gold.

Forgemaster Zenith Quests
This sentinel at the Hall of Corruption leystone gives you two quests for rings:the Band of Pure Symmetry, and the Band of the Anointed. 
  • One ring gives a chaos resistance, and the other gives a divine damage bonus
  • You will need to gather drops from Banebrand Helieant mobs that spawn in the Arcane Sanctum
    • The Banebrand mobs are marked with a star in the map above
  • The mobs spawn rarely, but their locations are marked on the map above
  • The can be rings upgraded to be more powerful by following the quests that Zenith gives you.

Doch Gul Armour of Myth Quests
Doch Gul Armour of Myth is an upgrade to the EDL armour set, and is given by Mastersmith Equinox. The complete quest guide can be found here


Proteus Base/Proteus Prime
A boss in the north chamber of the Arcane Sanctum. He drops rings, bracelets, and items needed to complete the Doch Gul Armour of Myth quests.


Gelebron - Level 225/6* End Game Boss
This is the final boss of Gelebron's Tower, and is an end game raid fight.

Dropped Items

Alchemic Rings
Monsters in this zone can drop rings ranging from +6 to +10 for the following skills:
  • Warrior/Rogue: Double Attack
  • Warrior: Rupture, Shield Wall, Shatter
  • Rogue: Life Steal, Expose Weakness, Riposte
  • Ranger: Double Shot, Explosive Arrow, Longshot, Sharpen Weapons
  • Druid: Energy Harvest, Sanctuary, Stinging Swarm, Bless
  • Mage: Ice Blast, Frostbite, Fire Attunement, Ice Attunement
Level Requirements are:
  • Mighty +6: 170
  • Majestic +7: 180
  • Royal +8 :190
  • Imperial +9: 200
  • Godly +10: 210
Alchemic Arrows
Monsters in this zone can drop arrows that rangers can equip in their offhand. Values listed below are damage added.
 Alchemic Arrow of 
Damage Type

Vendor Trash
Mobs in this zone can drop vendorable items listed below. Values are their max shop value

Eldrich Potions
There are three potions dropped by mobs that counteract the effects of certain areas in the Tower
  • Potion of Eldritch Shielding (Pink) - Protects from Eldritch Torment that causes damage over time (i.e. Sentinel Theta room)
  • Potion of Eldritch Fortification (Blue) - Protects from Eldritch Corrosion that reduces armor (General Gron room)
  • Potion of Eldritch Unbinding (Green) - Protects from Eldritch Shackles that reduces attack speed (Floor 5 top right room)

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  • The Arcane Sanctum and Gelebron were added in the Samhain 2015 patch on October 27 for Android, and October 28 for iOS

  • Arcane Sanctum closed beta test took place September 12 to 18, 2015. Active beta testers received a reward of a Beltane lantern that never runs out of charges.
  • Proteus was added with the Yule 2015 update in December 2015.
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