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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to Kill Gelebron

This is a complete guide on how to kill Gelebron, along with strategies and descriptions.


Gelebron is a level 220/6* wizard boss that drops end game items. Gelebron is in the furthest East chamber of the Arcane Sanctum (floor 6) of Gelebron's Tower. He is surrounded by 6 Eldrich Guardians (Sentinels), 8 Fire/Ice/Poison Crystals, and one Abominax add named the Eye of Crom.

Gelebron is also known as Gele or Jellybean.


Gelebron is in the furthest East chamber of the Arcane Sanctum (floor 6) of Gelebron's Tower.
Gelebron floats over a cross shaped open area that you cannot walk on. You cannot melee attack him while you are standing at the points of the cross. You need to move into the closer area before you can start melee attacking.


Eldrich Guardian

  • Notes
    • Attack Speed 1500
    • Has a lot of armour, does not take a lot of damage.
    • They enrage in 5 minutes, but two of them are easily tankable by a level 220 warrior and a druid after rage.
    • You can only pull two of them together. The third one is out of range.
  • Skills 
    • Mega Shockwave - AoE Skill
    • Static Blast - single target skill

Eye of Crom

  • Notes
    • Respawn 30-40 minutes?
    • Melee damage 1.2-1.5k auto on a tank
    • When he casts his freeze skill, frozen people get their aggro dumped and he goes away from the tank.
    • Described as "like Snorri or Sreng with an energy drain"
  • Skills
    • Gorgon Eye - Directional AoE Freeze Skill for 5 seconds
    • Meteor Burst - Damage Skill
    • Abyssal Gaze - casts every 15 seconds, lasts 10 seconds, steals 1k energy per tick


  • Notes
    • Respawn is 5 minutes
    • When they spawn, they give an emote. From then you have 15 seconds before they start healing Gelebron
      • They heal Gelebron 100k every 5 seconds.
      • Heals can be interrupted with freeze or shield bash
      • When you first engage Gelebron, they do not start healing him immediately. You have a little time before they give their emote.
    • There are three types of them with damage cloaks: Fire/Ice/Poison
      • Wards reduce the damage their cloaks do to you
    • They are weak to certain magics
      • Fire is weak to Ice
      • Ice is weak to Fire
      • Poison is weak to Nature Magic
    • They do not attack you with melee or skills, and they do not move
    • Crystals are not aggroed by attacking Gelebron, they are aggroed by getting too close to them. So you can have a ranger in your group cast conceal to only aggro 2 crystals instead of all of them.
    • The front two crystals can be killed by rangers or mages without aggroing Gelebron.
    • Shatter does not affect the crystals.
    • Crystals can also be called "Xtals." Xtal is a term used in electrical engineering for crystal oscillators. In a fight it is quicker to call them Xtals, since there are less letters to type.
  • Skills
    • Arcane Restoration - Heal Gelebron 100k every 5 seconds
      • Gather energy text - short delay before the heal, warns you that a crystal has spawned and will start healing within 15 seconds
    • Cloak - 1000 ice/fire/poison dmg if melee dmg. 


  • Notes
    • Auto damage 5-6k on a tank
    • Enrage time is unknown, but did not enrage at the 21 minute mark and beyond.
    • Gelebron has low skill evasions
      • Use Expose Weakness on him to get them down lower
      • Shadowstrike works on Gelebron
    • Use Howling Wind on him to make most of his auto attacks miss.
    • Lures do not seem to increase damage much.
    • Gelebron sees through camouflage easily.
  • Skills
    • Arcane Bolt - One target magic damage
    • Arcane Barrage - AoE magic damage
    • Eldrich Scourge - 15k fire damage AoE
    • Chaos Vortex - Chaos damage AoE skill
    • Alchemic Barrier - AoE Energy Shield Skill 
      • If you see the emote "Gelebron starts chanting" bash/freeze him to interrupt the skill.
      • This skill will put a shield on the crystals as well
      • Casts it every 60 seconds
    • Entropic Annihilation - 7k poison damage AoE skill 
      • Resisted using EDL set bonus
    • Runes of Destruction - Reduces Chaos resistance
      • can be removed with the druid EDL offhand skill, Eldrich Boon


*Thanks to all Arcane Sanctum Closed Beta Testers, and to Vulture for writing up this strategy based off of what we learned*

What we know:
  • Fire crystals are damaged heavily by ice skills (mages)
  • Ice crystals are damaged heavily by fire skills (mages)
  • Poison crystals are damaged heavily by magic skills (druids).
  • Gelebron casts a barrier on himself and all crystals every minute.
Group Setup:
  • Main tank group: Main tank, 2-3 bash warriors, 3 druids, 1 expose/smoke rogue
    • Tank tanks gelebron. Warriors dps and bash Gelebron's barrier, Rogue dps and expose/smoke. Druids keep tank, warriors and rogue alive.
  • Guardians Group: 3 tanks, 3 druids
    • Tanks tank 2 guardians each, left right and rear. 1 druid on each tank keeping them alive.
  • DPS groups (don't need to be grouped just know your role): all rogues, warriors(must have bash) rangers, and mages(need freeze)
    • All kill crystals then dps gelebron when all crystals are down. Mages freeze and warriors bash crystals.
We will need to arrange half our dps on each side in order to clear crystals efficiently. 

What needs to be done:
  • Pull the eye of crom out of range and kill.
  • Have rangers and mages pick off front two crystals without engaging gelebron.
  • As soon as the second crystal falls these 3 things need to happen:
    • Main tank establish Gelebron aggro, druids and rest of tank group follow and execute their plan.
    • Guardian tanks will have to gather their guardians and have their druid keep them alive. 
    • All dps should be pushing to kill all crystals.
Once all crystals are down all dps should head to a side platform (not rear or front) and kill Gelebron. As soon as crystals spawn they should be bashed and dps should manage their assigned side only.


IMPORTANT note: if all dps is occupied on a crystal and another one spawns, a mage has to rush and freeze the crystal. NOBODY TOUCH THE FROZEN CRYSTAL UNTIL PREVIOUS IS DEAD.

Alternate Strategy

This is a strategy devised by Serethem. When speaking to Muldar, he said that this plan is similar to what the OTM team did when they faced Gelebron while testing.
  • The bonus for this strategy is that you have DPS focusing on Gelebron full time, and you have more warriors for bashing and druids for healing. 
  • The negatives are that everyone needs to be in the exact right places to not aggro Guardians, and that the Crystal group needs to be super focused to not miss crystal spawns.
  • Tank group - Tank and druids to tank Gelebron
  • Offtank group - Tank and one druid to tank the Guardians behind the tank group
  • Crystal Kill Group - Mages and Rogues to circle the room killing crystals
  • Crystal Offtank group - 1 Warrior, 1 Druid that follows the Crystal group grabbing Guards.
  • DPS Group - Stays on Gelebron full time bashing and exposing him.
What needs to be done:
  • Pull the eye of crom out of range and kill.
  • Have rangers and mages pick off front two crystals without engaging gelebron.
  • As soon as the second crystal falls these 3 things need to happen:
    • Main tank establish gelebron aggro, staying to the furthest right of the platform as you can. druids and rest of tank group move to the Southwest part of the cross, and heal the tank.
    • Guardian off tanks grabs the 2 guardians from the South, and faces them to the outside. 
    • All dps should be pushing to kill all crystals.
    • Once crystals are down: 
      • Crystal Kill group watches for any new crystals to pop.
      • Crystal Offtank group follows the Crystal Kill group, offtanking any Guards near them. When they move, the offtank group moves with them and grabs another Guardian. As they move, some Guardians will go out of range and reset.
      • The DPS group goes to the South platform, and concentrates on bashing, exposing, and DPSing Gelebron. 


Gelebron drops 5 items when he is killed which include weapons, bracelets, rings, and items needed to upgrade to the Doch Gul Armor.

  • 2 weapons, bracelets, rings
  • 2 Doch Gul class bound armour upgrades
  • 1 Conflux of Pureness
This is a spreadsheet of the weapons, bracelets, and rings.


  • The Arcane Sanctum and Gelebron were added in the Samhain 2015 patch on October 27 for Android, and October 28 for iOS
  • Arcane Sanctum closed beta test took place September 12 to 18, 2015. Active beta testers have yet to receive a reward for beta testing.
  • Clan Resurgence on Arawn was the first clan to defeat Gelebron out of any world, on January 23, 2016.
    • 1st: Arawn - Resurgence
    • 2nd: Mabon - Wolfgang
    • 3rd: Morrigan - Avalon
    • 4th: Lugh - Alliance
    • 5th: Herne - LazyDrunks

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