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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Merchant Guide - Tips on how to make money fast!

This is a guide on how to get money fast by being a merchant; making money by reselling items.

Guide created by Rattlesnack - Plutonic (Epona)
Originally posted here:

Hey there. I started on the world Epona from scratch, and made 150k in 3 days. I'm here to elaborate on that, and give you some tips on making money fast. This is called merchandising, also known as making money by reselling things.


  • Do - Purchase popular items that will usually be needed (lixes, plat items, some skill tomes)
  • Do - Start out an a populated server, you can always xfer later
  • Do - Purchase things that people will want (heroic ammy, golden elemental blades, level 100 axes)
  • Do - Keep a spare reserve of gold. If you use all your money on one thing you'll want to have a bit extra just in case.
  • Do - Be patient. If something you're trying to sell isn't selling, try selling it somewhere else or selling it a later time. Do not drastically decrease your original price to sell.


  • Don't - Buy bad items that won't sell for much or aren't useful (silver gloves of haste, silver axe of carnage)
  • Don't - Buy rare collector items that are expensive. You should only do this if you are absolutely sure you can resell it for more.
  • Don't - Charge a ridiculous price, like 20k for a book of alt
  • Don't - Change your price too much. You'll get less than you wanted. It's better to wait.
  • Don't - Spend all of your gold on one thing. You should always have a little extra as a fallback.

How I made 150k from scratch

1. I was killing Manus Blackstone in dustwither and a high level comes along, helps me out, and gives me a lure of magic skill tome.

2. I sold the skill tome for 5k

3. Bought (for 3k) and sold (for 4k) xps until I had 10k

4. Bought firestorm tome for 10k

5. Sold firestorm for 40k

6. Bought and sold more xps until I had 60k

7. Bought a green Necromancer charm for 60k, because I thought that was a cheap price and I could sell it for higher. This was one of those rare exceptions.

8. Sold the necromancer charm for 125k

9. Bought books of alt for 3k each, and sold them for 5k each until I got to 150k


  • Treat customers nicely
  • Don't dice
  • Make your selling ads and buying ads into shortcuts in settings, saves time and effort.

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