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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Meteoric Weapon Quest Guide

This guide will tell you the steps needed to complete meteoric weapon quest, to get your meteoric weapon.

Before you begin you need:

  • To be level 105+
  • To have completed the Warden Weapon quest

Steps to Complete the Quest

  • Beginning
    • Go to Rourke the Blacksmith in Highshore Village
      • Go to Highshore Village Leystone. he is behind you to the right next to a building.
    • Talk to Broon the Mage
      • He is next to the tower near the West road into Highshore Village
  • Fallen Star - Piece 1
    • Talk to Taliesin the Bard
      • He is located on the road into the castle in Lir's Reach
    • Talk to Jaryn the Smuggler in the Tavern
    • Kill Aidan Shadowfist, Elva Duskwatch, and Caeran Nightscar
      • The Northeast cistern of he sewers (by Necro). Elva and Caeran are behind waterfalls. Aidan is on a platform.
    • Return to Jaryn the Smuggler
  • Fallen Star - Piece 2
    • Talk to Torbin the Sailor
      • Lir's Reach by docks outside the Tavern
    • Kill Captain Blackstorm (lvl 105/6*) - retrieve a Sea Chart
      • Fingal's Cave, end of Southernmost cave 
    • Return to Torbin the Sailor
  • Focus of Enchantment
    • Talk to Severina the Alchemist
      • Dustwither Catacombs. Same NPC that gives the Dry Bones Quest.
    • Kill Priestess of the Morrigan, and get 3 Morrigan documents for your class
      • Warriors - Benedictions of Morrigan (x3)
      • Rangers - Invocations of Morrigan (x3)
      • Rogues - Echoes of Morrigan (x3)
      • Mages - Rites of Morrigan (x3)
      • Druids - Litanys of Morrigan (x3)
    • Return to Severina the Alchemist
  • End
    • Return to Broon the Mage
    • Equip your Warden weapon, or put it in your backpack
    • Talk to Roarke the Blacksmith

Weapon Class Damage Speed Hp Ene Att Proc (5% chance)
Meteoric Sword Warrior 75 Slash 2800 100 50 Divine Strike
Meteoric Dagger Rogue 55 Pierce 1950 50 50 Divine Strike
Meteoric Bow Ranger 80 Pierce 2900 50 50 Divine Strike
Meteoric Wand Mage 45 Magic 3200 50 100 Divine Strike
Meteoric Totem Druid 50 Crush 3400 50 100 Divine Strike

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