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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Doch Gul Armour of Myth Guide

This guide gives you info on the Doch Gul Armor of Myth questline.

Doch Gul Armor of Myth

The Doch Gul Armor of Myth (DG) Quests start at Mastersmith Equinox at the Hall of Corruption Leystone in the Arcane Sanctum of Gelebron's Tower (Floor 6). These will upgrade your Exalted Dragonlord Armour to Doch Gul Armor of Myth. DG will not break the EDL set bonus when equipping individual parts of the armour.

You need to be at least level 215 to enter the Arcane Sanctum to Reach Mastersmith Equinox. To complete the quests you will also need to have completed the EDL armour quests.

To craft the armour you need to loot certain Confluxes from Proteus and Gelebron.

  • Each piece needs class specific Confluxes, and Confluxes of Pureness
  • Class Specific Confluxes:
    • Warrior - Conflux of Legends
    • Rogue - Conflux of Sagas
    • Ranger - Conflux of Fables
    • Mage - Conflux of Mythos
    • Druid - Conflux of Folklore
Class  Specific Conflux Conflux of Pureness
Hands 2 1
Feet 3 2
Head 4 3
Legs 5 4
Robe 5 5
Total 19 15

Armour Piece Names
Warrior Rogue Ranger  Mage Druid
Hands Doch Gul Gauntlets of Myth Doch Gul Handwraps of Myth Doch Gul Vambraces of Myth Doch Gul Gloves of Myth Doch Gul Wristguards of Myth
Feet Doch Gul Boots of Myth Doch Gul Footguards of Myth Doch Gul Treads of Myth Doch Gul Shoes of Myth Doch Gul Sandals of Myth
Head Doch Gul Helm of Myth Doch Gul Cowl of Myth Doch Gul Hood of Myth Doch Gul Hat of Myth Doch Gul Circlet of Myth
Legs Doch Gul Greaves of Myth Doch Gul Breeches of Myth Doch Gul Legguards of Myth Doch Gul Skirt of Myth Doch Gul Leggings of Myth
Chest Doch Gul Breastplate of Myth Doch Gul Jerkin of Myth Doch Gul Cuirass of Myth Doch Gul Gown of Myth Doch Gul Robe of Myth

Mastersmith Equinox text:
Salutations. You have overcome many challenges to reach Gelebron's Lair, the Arcane Sanctum. My name is Mastersmith Equinox and I can use my kilns and forge to craft the legendary Doch Gul Armour of Myth. Do you witsh to try my challenges in order to earn the items for me to forge the armour? 
Once I was a human smith, spending years perfecting my art and crafting the finest armour throughout the ancient lands and was fooled by the temptation of Gelebron and the chance to forge the materials from Doch Gul. 
Yet Gelebron entrapped me and placed me in this metal shell, threatening my family if I did not try and craft fine armour for both him and his servile horde. I shall do anything to avenge myself upon him.

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