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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bounty Board Shop Guide

This guide will tell you how to use the bounty shop, how to get tokens from the Bounty Board, and what items you can get.

The bounty board shop is located at Leigh the Sturdy, near the Bounty Board in the Castle. He allows you to purchase items with Hunters Favours, Boons, or Prizes.

Hunters Favours, Boons, and Prizes are rewards given out from the Bounty Board when you complete any type of bounty. Confirmed by OTM, even the most rare tokens have a chance of dropping from regular bounties (although it's very rare!). YOu have a better chance of getting rare tokens from Seasonal and Elite bounties.

Name Color Chance of Getting
Hunters Favours Orange Common
Hunters Boons Green Uncommon
Hunters Prizes Purple Rare

Save these tokens up, and you can buy fashion, platinum items, and pets from his shop

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