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Friday, April 29, 2016

Ostara 2016 Event Guide

This is your guide to the Ostara 2016 Spring event in Celtic Heroes that started May 2, 2016. I'll be showing you new bosses, quests, chests, luxury items, mounts, fashion, and mobs along with maps and info about each part of the event.

Ostara is the Spring event that falls between Yule (Winter) and Beltane (Summer). This event marks the return of the great dragon Smolach the Annihilator, summoned by Queen Medb of Connacht.

This update features
  • Pets
  • New Bounty System
  • Mid-Level boss for level 100 players
  • New event Luxury vendors
  • New zone for Heroes Landing
  • Redesigned starting quest
  • Seasonal Bosses
  • Seasonal daily quests
  • Seasonal hat quests
  • A dynamic, dragable, resizable chat window
  • Overhauled Online Rankings user interface
  • Overhauled Stats menu user interface, including "Auto Level" to quickly distribute stat points
  • Weapons are "holstered"; not carried in hand when not in combat
  • New casting animations, idle animations, and battle stance animations.
  • Blowing breeze animations for trees, new character skill and emote animations, new resting animations
  • Many new daily/weekly quests
  • Class Buffs
    • Druid: Stinging Swarm and Storm Touch have been buffed
    • Ranger: All dex based skills have been buffed


There are 4 Dragon bosses in this event. Each encounter is the same, but with more difficulty as the boss level gets higher. They come in 5* and 6* difficulties. The 5* dragons drop one item, and the 6* dragons drop 3 items.

Respawn Times

  • 210 respawns 5 to 5.25 hours after kill, 
  • 160 respawns 3 to 5 hours after kill, 
  • 110 respawns 3 to 5 hours after kill
  • 60 respawns 3 to 5 hours after kill

Goil the Marauder (lvl 60/6*) and Emberdrake Marauder (lvl 60/5*)
South of Fingal's camp

Smoidrich the Destroyer (lvl 110/6*) and Emberdrake Destroyer (lvl 110/5*)
Near Fellfire spawn point in Stonevale

Garyn the Devastator (lvl 160/6*) and Emberdrake Devastator (lvl 160/5*)
East of the Fiana Camp leystone in Carrowmore

Smolach the Annhilator (lvl 210/6*) and Emberdrake Annhilator (lvl 210/5*)
At the stone circle in Lir's Reach

Boss Adds (2 adds)
  • Burning Ember - 15 second fire DoT
  • Searing Rend - 15 second energy loss over time
Boss Skills
  • Impenetrable - Deflects damage upon attackers. All dragons fear the cold.
  • Searing Rend - 15 second energy loss over time
  • Fire Bomb - AoE fire attack
  • Rekindle - Low life heal
  • Steely Scales - Armour boost

Encounter Description
  • There are 2 adds that respawn every 3.5 to 4.5 minutes
  • Kill adds on spawn
  • "All dragons fear the cold" try using ice magic on the boss
  • Try using frostbite to interrupt Impenetrable buff
  • Boss DPS is low. 
Boss Drops
These bosses can drop rings bracelets, and charms. These drops are not Bind on Equip.
  • Necklaces - Grants two primary stat bonuses, and a skill bonus
  • Charms - Grant direct skill bonus, primary stat bonus, secondary stat bonus
  • Rings - Grant two secondary stat bonuses, and an evasion stat bonus
Here are descriptions of what they can drop.


There are dragon, snake, and ghost mobs in multiple zones around the world that correspond to special Ostara quests and bounties. See the map below for mob locations.


Ostara Bounties
There are over 70 new Ostara Bounties added, where you need to collect eggs, kill dragons, or defeat ghosts around the world. See the maps below for more details on their locations.
Eggs respawn in an average of 5 minutes.
Click here for a guide to the Bounty Board

Trappers Cap Quests (Hat Quest)
The Trappers Cap quest starts at Afallon the Hunter to the right of the fountain in the castle, and rewards you with a hat that is "worn to celebrate the coming of new life as the sun starts to warm the earth and new shoots spring from the ground." The rewards are a Trappers Cap fashion hat that comes in regular or lustrous caps that sparkle. You will need to loot serpent skins that drop from snake mobs in Lir's Reach, Stonevale, Shalemont Ravine, Fingal's Cave and the Otherworld. The requirements for each color crest are as follows:
  • Red - 5 Snakeskins
  • Pink - 10 Snakeskins
  • Orange - 20 Snakeskins
  • Yellow - 40 Snakeskins
  • Green - 80 Snakeskins
  • Turquoise - 150 Snakeskins
  • Blue - 250 Snakeskins
  • Purple - 400 Snakeskins
  • Black - 600 Snakeskins
  • White - 1000 Snakeskins
At the end of the quest, you will have turned in 2555 Snakeskins!

Daily XP Quest
This quest starts at Seda the Hunter to the left of the fountain in the Castle Courtyard, and requires you to defeat 3 XP bosses looting their antlers/tusks/hides, and defeat 3 of their guards.

You also have a chance to win a special Archer's Cap from doing these quests!

Fergal the Noisy:
The god of hunting, Herne, has released stags, boars and bears who can be hunted and vanquished for golden tokens. 
Seda the Hunter values these tokens highly and will pay good gold for their return. However beware, as the Connacht Queen Medb has sent Knights from her Dark Order to slay these beasts so the tokens can be used in occult rituals. 
These rituals to the evil gods will aid her forces, granting them wealth and power as they prepare for invasion.
Seda the Hunter:
Herne, god of the hunt, has set legendary beasts loose upon the lands of men, a great hunt to prove their loyalty to the gods. These mighty beasts; boars, stags and bears each carry the golden mark of Herne, left after the mythical creature is bested. Each golden mark is of the utmost value to my hunters and we would provide a handsome reward to those who collect them from each beast.
The Connacht knights, each belonging to a secret order who swear loyalty to Queen Medb, are seeking to trap and destroy the legendary beasts. They will use the golden marks in dark rituals to the evil gods, seeking aid to fund their villainy. We must do our utmost to ensure the sanctity of the Great Hunt is not destroyed by these varlets and drive them back from these shores. 
60Thorch (West of the Tavern; Lir's Reach)Criopus (East of Flintblade Camp; Lir's)Peither (south of Crookback Hollow, in Lir's Reach)
120Cullach (west bank of the Shalemont Ravine river)Braich (North of Malus the Serpent Shalemont Ravine)Goloko (North of Bromhold Keep in Shalemont Ravine)
180Dukar (path leading east from Warden's Crossing)Cabrach (North of Otherworld wraith path)Ursor (West of Gelebron's Tower leystone in the Otherworld)

Luxury Shop

There are three luxury item shops:
  • Low - Otherworld - Warden's Crossing Leystone
  • Mid - Otherworld - Gelebron's Tower Leystone
  • High - Bridge of Despair - Vision of Misery Leystone 

Mount Shop

Mystery Chests

You can purchase the Ostara Mystery Chest from the Item Shop. It could grant you Razorback Boars, Scintilating Highlander Fashion, Razorback Capes, Warthog Staffs, Connacht Armament charms, Trappers Caps, heroic elixir bundles, up to 4000 platinum, and a grand prize of two million gold! Remember, The Ostara Mystery Chest is only available during the Ostara 2016 event!
**Pet Tokens will only come from these chests!**

Other Upates

Otherworld Bracelet Quest
New quest for level 99+ players to get up to 100 stat bonus bracelets by completing daily and weekly quests **CLICK HERE FOR THE QUEST GUIDE**

Get a pet from seasonal mystery chests! It will give you a stat bonus, a special skill, and you can upgrade and train it to be stronger! **CLICK HERE FOR A COMPLETE GUIDE TO PETS**

Bounty Board Fashion Vendor
The Bounty Board now gives out tokens that you can exchange at a vendor for exclusive fashion pieces. Watch the video below for a look into his shop

New Starting Quest with a separate Heroes Landing Zone
The starting area of Heroes Landing has been replaced with a separate zone, with all new graphics and mobs. Other pieces of the quest have been reworked, such as a redesigned "bribes" quest in Crookback, and a repeatable quest before facing Hagvar the Hairy.


  • Ostara 2016 went live on Monday May 2 for Android, and Tuesday May 3 for iOS.
  • Ostara 2016 Closed Beta ran from afternoon Friday, March 11 to the morning of Monday, March 14.
  • Ostara 2016 Open Beta ran from afternoon Thursday, March 17 until noon on Tuesday, March 22.
  • Ostara 2016 Open Beta #2 ran from afternoon Friday, April 8

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