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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Otherworld Bracelet Quests

This is a guide to tell you all about the bracelet quests in the Otherworld.
The bracelet quests in the Otherworld are a new addition with the Ostara 2016 update. They can be very powerful as you upgrade them, but they take a time to upgrade.

To obtain the bracelets, you need to complete daily and weekly quests given by Azhar the Fugitive, and exchange the rewards with Holtz the Peddler, both at the Heroes Crossing leystone in the Otherworld.

The daily quest involves you killing 4 Hounds of Ruin in the eyes section of the Otherworld.

The weekly quest involves defeating Gelebron's Huntsman, who is by Gribbles.

When you complete the quests, Azhar gives you two items to exchange with Holtz the Peddler.

You can exchange these pieces with Holtz the Peddler for a bracelet

To get to the godly level, it will take 93 days. See the chart below for a breakdown of them



The Hounds of Ruin are loosed upon the Otherworld, their enhanced senses seeking out an item called the Occulus. This item is of such great power that it must never fall into Gelebron's hands and by defeating four Hounds of Ruin, who roam the Otherworld, you will halt their progress.
The Occulus is a luminous stone, inundated with ancient energy, allowing those who can control its power to commune with the living and the dead. Yet tales say that a wizard of Gelebron's might may even be able to use it to foresee the future, allowing him to change his plans and triumph over all. No one should have this power, as it will unbalance the natural order of the world.
Each time you complete a quest for me, hunting down one of Gelebron's hounds or huntsmen, I will reward you with a Contraption Piece for completing the Look to the Future Quest and a Contraption Core for completing the Occulus Rift Quest. You can exchange them with my colleague, Holtz the Peddler, for a powerful bracelet which can boost your Strength, Dexterity, Focus, or Vitality. If you collect more shards you can enhance your bracelet up to nine times and each quest you complete for me rewards a Piece or Core to be exchanged.

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