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Friday, April 29, 2016

Pets Guide for Celtic Heroes

This guide will help you understand how pets work in Celtic Heroes

What kinds of pets are there?
Here are detailed pet guides for every pet available:
Pet1 token2 tokens3 tokens4 Tokens
RabbitBrownWhiteBlack Golden

How do I get Pets?
  • Pet tokens are in mystery chests. Trade them to Sedric the Pet Vendor 
    • 32 Pet Tokens to get the top lowest tier pet
    • 128 Pet Tokens for the top highest tier pet
  • Hunters Prize Tokens from Bounty Board. Trade them to the Bounty Vendor Leigh the Sturdy
    • Brown Dog: 128 Hunter's Prizes for top dog
    • Tan Dog: 256 Hunters Prizes for top dog
    • Black Dog: 384 Hunters Prizes for top dog
    • Silver Dog: 512 Hunters Prizes for top dog

Where are the Pet Vendors?
  • Farcrag Castle, west of the castle courtyard leystone past the King
How do I equip my pet?
  • Menu - Inventory - Stables tab
  • There is a slot in the top right for your pet
  • Drag your pet from your inventory (other section) to that slot
Why isn't my pet showing?
  • You need to feed your pet
  • Buy pet food from Sedric the Pet Vendor
    • Dogs will only eat dog food, and rabbits will only eat rabbit food, etc.
    • Watch what level pet food your pet needs as it grows. Level 6 pets will only eat level 6 food, level 5 pets will only eat level 5 food, etc.
  • Use the food, and your pet will appear
  • It will be active for 1 hour
  • Death does not cancel the effect of pet food
What Pets are there?

How do I upgrade a pet?
  • Trade 2 pets of the same level to Elva the Pet Breeder to upgrade your pet.
  • 32 Pet Tokens to get the top lowest tier pet
  • 128 Pet Tokens for the top highest tier pet
  • For more detailed info on pet breeding click here
  • Be Careful! Pets have a level requirement. Don't upgrade them past your level or you won't be able to equip them.

Pet Trade In System
Based on player feedback OTM has implemented a trade in system for heroes wishing to change their adventuring companion (No animals were hurt in the making of this feature). You can trade in your pet for half the tokens you spent on it. Talk to Sedric the Pet Vendor for further details. - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

What stats and skills do my pets give me?
Pet Stat Boost Resist Battle Stat Evasion Skill Best for
Rabbit Focus Resist Magic Spell Natural Focus: Heals health and energy Druid, Mage
Mastiff Vitality Resist Crush Physical Canine Bite: Ranged attack. that deals damage and lowers defense.  Warrior, Ranger
Wolf Strength Attack Physical Rake: Damage plus DoT Warrior, Rogue, Ranger
Spider Dexterity Attack Wounding Pounce: Poison attack Rogue, Ranger
Boar Vitality Armour, Defence Feral Protection: Damage shield Warrior
Chicken Dexterity Attack Movement Fowl Fortune: Heal Rogue
Dragon Str, Dex, Foc, Vit Crit Strike, Crit Skills AoE damage, plus DoT. Element depends on dragon type. Everyone
Eagle Focus Resist Magic Wounding Crushing Talons: Crush damage, reduces evasions Mage

Hares Mastiffs Wolves Spiders Boars Chickens Eagles Pigs
Stat Str X
Dex X X
Foc X X
Vit X X X
Melee Att X X X
Def X
Armour X
Resistance Heat
Magic X X
Pierce X
Crush X
Skill Protection Weaken X
Move X
Spell X X
Phys X X
Wound X
How do I improve my skills?
  • Get the Dog/Rabbit Training skill by completing the "Talk to the Animals" quest given by Druid Robena.
  • Improve your Pet Training skill by using your pet's skill
  • All pets have separate skills to train
For example, what's the best heal my rabbit can give?
  • A level 6 Golden Hare at 2300 skill level will give you 
    • Heal you 1223
    • Regenerate 175 energy per tick (for 15 seconds)


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