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Monday, April 25, 2016

Quest: Salve-ation (Fettlecap Quest)

This guide will tell you all about the Fettlecap quest: Salve-ation, with map locations of all the 42 mushroom spawns

Quest Name: Salve-ation
Questgiver: Earlene the Herbalist
Location: Shalemont Ravine; MacCroin Encampment Leystone
Goal: Gather 4 Fettlecap Mushrooms
Reward: Dilute health potions, gold, and xp
Type: Repeatable

There are 42 locations to get mushrooms at. They will randomly spawn one of these mushrooms:
  • Fettlecap Mushroom: Restores 5 HP when eaten
  • Milkstalk Mushroom: Restores 5 energy when eaten
  • Deathcap Mushroom: Damages you 2000 hp when eaten

This quest has been a popular leveling tool for low level characters. You receive XP when you turn the quest in, and since it is repeatable you can turn the quest in as many times as you want if you have enough Fettles. You can potentially gain many levels by doing this quest over, and over. 

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