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Friday, April 22, 2016

Shalemont Ravine Quest Chain

This guide will give you step by step information on how to complete the Shalemont Ravine quest chain in Celtic Heroes MMO for iOS and Android.

Click here for all the information on Shalemont
  1. Enter Shalemont Ravine from Lir's Reach
  2. Talk to Chase MacLir at the camp (Quest: Invasion!)
  3. Talk to Ilsa MacCroin
  4. Talk to Ranger CAmryn East of Camp (Quest: Ranger Camryn)
  5. Find the 5 lost scouts near Ranger Camryn and talk to them (Quest: The Lost Scouts)
    1. Rory the Scout: Behind Ranger Camryn
    2. Myrna the Scout: Northwest of Ranger Camryn by the mountains
    3. Alan the Scout: Southwest of Ranger Camryn behind a tree
    4. Finn the Scout: East of Ranger Camryn by the mountains
    5. Keita the Scout: Southeast of Ranger Camryn next to a tree by the lake
  6. Return to Ranger Camryn
  7. Kill Connacht Harbingers and loot 10 Harbinger Ritual Blades (Quest: Retake the Lake)
  8. Find and defeat Ranger Darrion, East of Ranger Camryn (Quest: Ranger Darrion)
  9. Return to Ranger Camryn
  10. Talk to Commander Cullen in camp (Quest: Commander Cullen)
  11. Kill 8 Connacht Pitfighters West of Camp (Quest: Pitfighters)
  12. Return to Commander Cullen
  13. Kill Connacht Stonebearers on the hill West of camp and loot 8 Ternstones (Quest: Storming the Tower)
  14. Return to Commander Cullen
  15. Talk to Mage Fallon in Greygorge, Southwest of camp (Quest: To Greygorge!)
  16. Kill 5 Connacht Trappers on the other side of the bridge in Greygorge (Quest: The Other Side)
  17. Return to Mage Fallon
  18. Talk to Captain Teague in the Greygorge Connacht Camp (Quest: The Rescue)
  19. Defeat Glumstump the Prison Guard and return to Captain Teague
  20. Defeat Ruffcramp the Prison Guard and return to Captain Teague
  21. Return to Mage Fallon
  22. Defeat Marshall Gannon in the Greygorge Connacht Camp (Quest: Marshall Gannon)
  23. Return to Mage Fallon with Marshall Gannon's Letter 
  24.  Talk to Ilsa MacCroin at the MacCroin Encampment (Quest: Traitors Unmasked)
  25. Talk to Captain Garret on the East end of the lake (Quest: Luther's Judgement)
  26. Defeat Connacht Battleforged and loot 10 Spoils of Battle (Quest: The Spoils of Battle)
  27. Return to Captain Garret
  28. Defeat 6 Connacht Coldseers at the Shalemont River leystone camp, and return to Captain Garret (Quest: Ice Cold in Shalemont)
  29. Kill Luther MacCroin in Bromhold Keep at the Shalemont River leystone (Quest: Luther's Judgement)
  30. Return to Ilsa MacCroin at the MacCroin Encampment

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