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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Shalemont Ravine

This is a guide to everything in Shalemont Ravine. Click on the links for more in depth guides on different quests, mobs, rare spawns, and NPCs.



Click the links for more information

  • The Defector - Kill 12 mini-bosses in Shalemont
  • Salve-ation (Repeatable) - Gather 4 Fettlecap Mushrooms
  • Darkshadow Armour Quests - Gather stolen MacCroin Items to get armour 
  • Warding Ability Quest - Gather 3 stones from named mobs to get the Warding evasion ability
  • Ancient Armour Tier 1 Quest - Kill mobs to unlock the Ancient Armour shop
  • Shalemont Quest Chain
    • Invasion!
    • Ranger Camryn
    • The Lost Scouts
    • Retake the Lake
    • Ranger Darrion
    • Commander Cullen
    • Pitfighters
    • Storming the Tower
    • To Greygorge!
    • The Other Side
    • The Rescue
    • Marshall Gannon
    • Traitors Unmasked
    • The Spoils of Battle
    • Ice Cold in Shalemont
    • Luther's Judgement

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