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Friday, June 17, 2016

All Quest Armour Boss Drops

This is a list of all the Quest Armour items that each boss drops in Celtic Heroes MMO for iOS and Android.

All Quest Armour Items and Bosses

Moon Sun Oak Elm Crown Dragon
Fellfire/Charfire X X
Chillmist/Crystalmist X X X
Starspell/Shimmerspell X X X
Spirehoof/Crumblehorn X X X
Falgren/Brutus X X X

Earth Rock Metal Stars Space
Stonefang X
Bonehead X X
Ironscale X X X
Shivercowl X X X
Rockbelly X X X
Water Earth Fire Air Mind
Goretusk X
Bladewing X X
Redbane X X X
Spearhorn X X X
Coppinger X X X
Serpent Hound Hawk Stag Bear Lion
All-Knowing One, All-Seeing One X
Swampking, Swamplord X
Gnarlroot, Woodcrown X
Chained Emperor, Chained King X
Ragnok, Grommak X
Ignus, Pyrus X
Gem Egg Urn Idol Horn Crown
Deepscale the Cavewing X
Ulrob the Spider Queen X X
Boggan Priest X X X
Boggan King X X X
Sreng X X X
Snorri Bonechewer X X X

Unknown Incantation Illusion Summoning Enchanting Conjuring Arcane Ancient Runes
Onyxclaw X X
Magister Skath X X X
Krothur the Condemned X X X
General Gron X X X
Cragskor X X X
Revenant of Anguish X X X
Unox Mindrender X X X

Warrior Rogue Ranger Mage Druid All
Proteus Base/Prime Legends Sagas Fables Mythos Folklore Pureness

Class  Specific ConfluxConflux of Pureness

Armour Piece Names
WarriorRogueRanger MageDruid
HandsDoch Gul Gauntlets of MythDoch Gul Handwraps of MythDoch Gul Vambraces of MythDoch Gul Gloves of MythDoch Gul Wristguards of Myth
FeetDoch Gul Boots of MythDoch Gul Footguards of MythDoch Gul Treads of MythDoch Gul Shoes of MythDoch Gul Sandals of Myth
HeadDoch Gul Helm of MythDoch Gul Cowl of MythDoch Gul Hood of MythDoch Gul Hat of MythDoch Gul Circlet of Myth
LegsDoch Gul Greaves of MythDoch Gul Breeches of MythDoch Gul Legguards of MythDoch Gul Skirt of MythDoch Gul Leggings of Myth
ChestDoch Gul Breastplate of MythDoch Gul Jerkin of MythDoch Gul Cuirass of MythDoch Gul Gown of MythDoch Gul Robe of Myth

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