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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Mage Setup (no pots used.....ever again)

This is an amazing guide mages below level 190, that will help them to solo level. It gives them a ton of armour, and keeps their DPS strong. It is also written for people who do not have access to Mordris, or DL gear. This guide was written by Elsroth on Morrigan, and is crossposted from the forums

Okay so I used to die, alot. Every third mob ran me into the ground unless I gargled hundreds of pots per couple lixes. Being a mage is hard but i believe otm has blessed us mages this event.

I am not the req for 190 ammys and thus purchased this new ammy from 140 vendor.
The obvious choice is the focus adding necklace....nope not for Elsroth.

I went for the extra 700 hp, 140 vit, (and heres the best bit), 105 armour. 

Popped on my Bastion shield and voila solo lixed 2 times with no pots and 2 uses of e shield. DPS hardly budged, so i was still killing mobs fairly quickly. It sky rised my armour up to 608 and mobs were dropping like dominos whilst Els stood strong (for a change). 

Just letting my fellow mages of my knowledge of this god build ;) 

EDIT: I am currently level 175 and can comfortably down 180 trolls without pots, i am left at 40-50% hp.

here are my raw stats: 
str -5
dex -5
focus -555
vit -335

Stats with bonuses:
str -5
dex -5
focus -870
vit -695

Health: 5900
Energy: 5461
Armour: 608

Setup of items:
Helm: Ancient Beastbone
Breastplate: Ancient Beastbone
Gloves, Boots and Greaves: Dragonlord

Mainhand: Dark Grimoire
Offhand: Shield of Bastion
Misc: Comrak Stonebark (50 focus, 250 hp)
Ammy: Brightstone Poacher (700 hp, 140 vit, 105 armour)
Bracelets: 2 Majestic Riftskulls (70foc/70vit)
Rings: nooby grand rings 

As you can see this is not an expensive all-out lux setup. around 1.3-1.5mil. For me it works very well for solo lixing and dps is not atrocious, definitely not advised for lock battles ;)

P.S. Solo lixing has never been easier

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