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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Bear Taming Ability Guide

This is a guide to help you understand the Bear Taming ability in Celtic Heroes MMO for iOS and Android

The Bear Taming ability is an ability that affects the Swipe skill of your bear, which lowers the catching meter of a fishing spot without affecting your Concentration. The higher the ability level, the more it lowers the catching meter.

Where do I get the ability?
You gain it from a quest given by Druid Robina in the Farcrag Castle Courtyard by the pet vendor.
See the video below for a walk-through of the quest

How do I train the ability?
Train this ability by using the bear's skill. Each time you use it on a fishing spot, you have a chance to increase your Bear Taming ability.

What is the best way to train it?
Obviously, use a Heroic Elixir of Wisdom. The only place to train it is on fishing spots. See the video below for a fishing tutorial, and an overview of all the fishing spots in Celtic Heroes.

Where do I get a bear from?
You get one from completing the quest given by the NPC standing beside the Highshore Village Dock. He asks you to obtain relic items by fishing for them, and in return he will give you a bear.

  • Crumbling Relics - Lir's Reach only
  • Aged Relics - Shalemont
  • Tarnished Relics - Stonevale
  • Silver Marks - Stonevale only

Where do I buy bear food from?
You buy it from the NPC next ot the Highshore Village Dock.

Can I breed my bear?
At this time bears are not able to be bred,

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