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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Beltane 2016 - Tides of Fate Fishing Event Guide

This is your guide to the Beltane 2016 Summer Fishing event in Celtic Heroes that starts October 4, 2016. I'll be showing you new bosses, quests, chests, luxury items, mounts, fashion, and mobs along with maps and info about each part of the event.

Beltane is the Summer event that falls between Ostara (Spring) and Samhain (Fall). This event marks the return of all the old event bosses from years past, as well as a newly revamped castle and fishing.

Fishing has arrived in Dal Riata! Heroes over Level 10 can speak with the Old Seafarer by the newly revamped Lir’s Pier to get started.

Click here for the complete fishing guide

Four new abilities have been added to the game:
Heroes wishing to learn these abilities should explore Farcrag Castle to find those who would be willing to impart their knowledge on the subjects.

Combat Visual Improvements
Visual changes to the combat system, including attack damage numbers and impact hits.

The questing experience in Shalemont Ravine has been improved with the addition of new quests (including daily and instant repeatable) Heroes who have received the Signet of Lir can speak to Loremaster Sara to start questing. (CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO GUIDE)

The main questline has been expanded into the mystical realm of the Otherworld. Interested heroes should speak with Arbiter Kester, found beyond the Otherworld portal. (CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO GUIDE)

UI Updates
Updated inventory management screens with inbuilt filtering system.

New Farcrag Castle
Farcrag Castle has received a grand makeover! Heroes who are lost should speak with Fergal the Noisy in Farcrag Castle Courtyard for directions around the castle.

New Legacy Event Luxury Shop
A new shop with luxury items that appeared from Samhain 2013 to Ostara 2016 is now in the Dunskieg Sewers. The shop will only replenish with new items as currently stocked items are bought, so keep a sharp eye out for the item that you need.

New Pets
Two new types of pet have been added to the game.
  • Heroes can exchange Pet Tokens to Sedric the Pet Vendor in Farcrag Castle for Wolves. 
  • Heroes wishing to acquire a Bear pet must seek out Grizzly McAdams at the pier in Highshore Village, who will start Heroes on the path to earning a Bear pet of their very own.
Quests for Wolf/Bear Taming abilities have been added to Druid Robena in Farcrag Castle.

Pet Trade In System
Based on player feedback we have implemented a trade in system for heroes wishing to change their adventuring companion (No animals were hurt in the making of this feature). Talk to Sedric the Pet Vendor for further details. - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Many Legacy Bosses from across time have been permanently reintroduced to the lands of Dal Riata! These bosses can be rarely sighted in Stonevale, the Otherworld, the Murky Vaults and Carrowmore Tunnels. Keep your eyes peeled on your travels!

Daily Weekly Quests (120/140)
Further additional daily / weekly quests added for the keen adventurer. Fight the Blackstone Cabal in the Otherworld to assist in your battle against Tinneas the Corrupted for level 120 heroes. For heroes at 140 delve the depths of Carrowmore to fight Boggans before challenging Venomspit.

Seasonal Bounties
Seasonal Beltane bounties have become active through the Bounty Board!
  • Take up arms to fight back the Rockhide menace across Dal Riata 
  • Help Lord MacLir’s alchemists gather Sunfire, Skyforth and Moonfrost blooms to create potent potions!

Token Trade Up System
Ability to trade bounty tokens upwards from Hunters Favor to Hunters Boons and Hunters Prizes. Talk to Leigh the Sturdy in Farcrag Castle.

New Character Faces
New faces / hairstyles in the character creation screen.

Armour Changes
Changes to both the Doch Gul set and Shadow Armour Sets (Shale/Stone/Other)

Visual Quivers
All offhand quivers are now visual!

Solstice Mystery Chests
You can buy Solstice Mystery Chests from the Item Shop. These chests can contain any number of incredible treasures. Unicorn Mounts, Fashion Tokens, Pet Tokens, Heroic Elixir bundles, up to 4000 platinum, and a grand prize of 2,000,000 gold! The Solstice Mystery Chest is only available during the Beltane 2016 event, so don't miss out!

New Unicorn mounts are included in this event's mystery chests - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

  • You can obtain new fishing fashion at the Lir's Pier - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO
  • There are two new fashion sets available, as well as new vendors to purchase them at using fashion tokens obtained through mystery chests  - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


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