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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fishing Guide - Locations, Tutorial, and much more!

This is a guide about the new fishing portion of Celtic Heroes. I'll be showing you locations, questts, drops, and much more!

What is fishing?
It's a new mini-game in Celtic Heroes where you can gain a fishing rod and participate in fishing in certain areas of the world. You can gain fish and a number of other items from it.

Why should I fish?
There are certain things that you can gain exclusively by fishing
  • Stat boost and hp or energy regen potions from quests
  • Rings to boost critical strike, critical skill, scholar, and treasure hunting ability
  • Clams that give you pearls to sell for gold
  • Lockboxes that contain potions, idols, gold, and more!
  • It's a fun way to pass the time

Where do I start fishing?
Talk to the Old Seafarer at Lir's Pier to start the first fishing quest.

How do I start Fishing?
  1. Equip a rod
  2. Equip your Catch skill to the hot bar in the skills menu
  3. Find a fishing area with rippling waters in the water
  4. Double tap the rippling waters (or tap it once, then tap your rod icon in the bottom right)
  5. Use your Catch skill to decrease the fish's energy without depleting your Concentration.

Where should I level up my fishing at?
Click here for a fishing leveling guide (Link)

I still don't understand fishing!
Fishing explanation provided by Regenleif:
  • Fishing is just like fighting a mob.
  • You select the fishing spot by tapping on the circular ripples in the waves.
  • The top (green) bar is the fish's energy, you can think of it as the mob's health. When this is depleted you catch the fish.
  • The bottom (purple) bar is your concentration, you can think of it like your health. When this is depleted the fish gets away.
  • When you select the ripple, the multi-use button turns into a fishing pool, and when lit starts battling the fish. This is like using your auto attack.
  • The rod's skill (which can be equipped to the hotbar) further depletes the fish's bar, just like using Pummel or Quickstrike on a mob you are auto-attacking..
  • You can use Fisher's Draughts to replenish your Concentration, like using a health potion to heal you a bit.
  • Better poles allow you to fish more easily (just like better weapons increases your auto damage).
  • And that's it! Fishing is really easy!

Where do I fish?
See the video below for fishing locations for each level.

What's the max level fishing ability?
Right now it is about 110, although you can go past it with enough effort since it isn't a hard level cap. This should increase as new fishing areas are added in the future.

What about bears?
Bears are pets that can help you fish with their swipe skill.
Click here for a tutorial on the bear taming ability
  • Crumbling Relics - Lir's Reach only
  • Aged Relics - Shalemont
  • Tarnished Relics - Stonevale
  • Silver Marks - Stonevale only

Are there fishing quests?
Yes. There are a number of fishing quests

  • Beginner quests given by James Sandford in the Market area of the Lir's Pier. 
  • There is also a quest giver at the Shalemont leystone 

  • Collection quests - asks for different types of fish based on your fishing level. Gives fishing XP
  • Rod quests - at level 10 and 30 you will get quests to upgrade your fishing rod to the next best level. These rods will have higher fishing power to make it easier to fish

Is there a fishing equipment shop?
Yes. James Sandford also sells fishing equipment.
  • Beginner's rod - a fishing rod beter than your starting quest rod, but not as good as the Rod of the Crab (quest rod)
  • Fisherman's Droughts - potions that restore concentration. To be used while fishing.

What about Fishing Fashion?
There is a fishing fashion vendor in the Lir's Pier Market.
  • He will sell you fishing fashion at fishing level 40
  • He sells them for Marks of Noden.
    • Bronze Marks - Lir's Reach/Shalemont
    • Silver Marks - Stonevale
  • You can find Marks rarely by fishing for them. 

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