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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Legacy Luxury Shop Guide

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Time-Lost (or Legacy) Luxury Shop that has random luxury items from past events.

What is the Time-Lost Luxury Shop?
Its a shop where you can obtain random luxury items from past events

Yes, they are replenished like the Pirate or Sunlit fashion shops. There are a limited number of slots, and the existing items need to be purchased before new ones will populate.

What event items are going to be in the luxury shop?
  • Items from Samhain 2013 to Ostara 2016
  • Spectral Reaper and Huntsman rings are included
  • NOT INCLUDED: Camouflage/Growth/Shrink charms, Halloween 2011 lux such as XP charms.
Are all items together?
No. The shop is broken into Necklace, Bracelet, and Rings sections. 

Where is the shop?
In the Dunskeig Sewers, in the Aldington Company room with the Hawkhurst fashion quest and Smuggler's Tonic Quest

Why can't I see the shop?
  • You need to complete a quest to see it (5 smuggler's chests, and buy a scroll for 10k gold)
  • You need to be level 90
  • You need to have 500k gold
Why are the same items in the shop every time I look?
  • When an item is bought, a new one takes its place in the shop
  • The item in the shop does not expire and recycle a new one. The only way to get a new item is
    • For someone to buy it
    • For the server to be rebooted - when a world server is rebooted, all the end game bosses respawn, the pirate shop items regenerate, and you also get new items in this legacy luxury shop.
What items are in the shop, and how much are they?
This is a list of the 200 items that can possibly show up in the Legacy Luxury Shop.
NameEventPriceSlotLvl ReqHP/tickEner/tickstatsSkill
Spectral Talisman of MidnightSamhain 20131000000Neck1004040Mag Dmg 100, Armour 35Cloak of Midnight
Spectral Ring of the ReaperSamhain 2013750000Ring100Armour 15, 15% attack, 30% attack speedReapers Touch
Spectral Ring of the HuntsmanSamhain 2013750000Ring100Armour 15, 15% def, 30% run speedHunter's Stride
Spectral Bracelet of the HermeticSamhain 2013750000Wrist10025Armour 25, Def 100, Ene 250, 5% chance to block all heat/cold/mag dmg
Spectral Bracelet of the TitanSamhain 2013750000Wrist10025Armour 25, Att 100, HP 250, 5% chance to block all slash/crush/pierce dmg
Icecrystal Band of thre MagusYule 2013500000Ring100Foc 75, Heat/Cold Resist 100, Spell Evade 100
Icecrystal Band of the ThiefYule 2013500000Ring100Dex 75, Cold/Mag Resist 100, Mov Evade 100
Icecrystal Band of the CrusaderYule 2013500000Ring100Str 75, Heat/Mag Resist 100, Wea Evade 100
Icecrystal Band of the NobleYule 2013500000Ring100Vit 75, Heat/Cold Resist 100, Phy Evade 100
Icecrystal Brooch of the HearthYule 2013750000Misc100Att 250, HP 500, Ener 250Frostbreath Regeneration
Icecrystal Brooch of the StormYule 2013750000Misc100Def 250, HP 250, Ener 500Frostspark Energization
Icecrystal Pendant of the Frozen FlameYule 20131000000Neck10050HP 50, Str 100Ice Barrier
Icecrystal Pendant of the North WindYule 20131000000Neck10050Ener 50, Dex 100Ice Barrier
Icecrystal Pendant of the Storm's EyeYule 20131000000Neck10050Ener 50, Foc 100Ice Barrier
Icecrystal Pendant of the Glacial PeakYule 20131000000Neck10050HP 50, Vit 100Ice Barrier
Sunshard Ring of the Sacred GroveBeltane 2014500000Ring10020Str 35, Armour 35
Sunshard Ring of the Hidden GladeBeltane 2014500000Ring10020Foc 35, Resists 35
Sunshard Band of the Mountain PeakBeltane 2014750000Wrist1002020HP 250Sunshard Supremacy
Sunshard Band of the Crystal RiverBeltane 2014750000Wrist1002020Energy 250Sunshard Defiance
Sunshard Pendant of the Untamed WildBeltane 20141000000Neck1004540Str 50, Dex 50, Foc 50, Vit 50Sunshard Fury
Sunshard Pendant of the Silent ForestBeltane 20141000000Neck1004045Str 50, Dex 50, Foc 50, Vit 50Sunshard Endurance
Arachnus Ring of ProtectionSamhain 2014500000Ring10020Armour 50, HP 400
Arachnus Ring of ResistanceSamhain 2014500000Ring10020Ener 400, Fire/Cold/Magic resist 50
Arachnus Ring of DefenceSamhain 2014500000Ring10020HP 400, Def 200
Arachnus Ring of EvasionSamhain 2014500000Ring10020Ener 400, evasions 200
Arachnus Ring of PowerSamhain 2014750000Ring15025
Str 100, Att 200
Arachnus Pendant of the HiveSamhain 20141000000Neck10050Def 100, Str 100, Resist 50Magic Shell
Arachnus Pendant of the CocoonSamhain 20141000000Neck10050Armour 50, Def 100, Vit 100Swarm Cloak
Arachnus Pendant of Chilling MistSamhain 20141000000Neck1004040Ice Shards +1080Swarm Cloak
Arachnus Pendant of LifebloodSamhain 20151000000Neck1004040Natures Touch healing +450 Swarm Cloak
Arachnus Pendant of the StormSamhain 20161000000Neck1004040Lightning Strike +650Swarm Cloak
Arachnus Pendant of the ShadowSamhain 20151000000Neck1004040Quick Strike +580Swarm Cloak
Unhallowed Necklace of the BehemothSamhain 20141500000Neck15070Att 300, Str 200, Evades 300Behemoth Might
Unhallowed Necklace of VenomSamhain 20141500000Neck15070Foc 200, Resists 100, Evades 300Venom Bolt
Starstone Ring of the WolfYule 2014500000Ring1002010Cold Dmg 25, Att 100
Starstone Ring of the BearYule 2014500000Ring1002010Armour 25, Def 100
Starstone Ring of the HawkYule 2014500000Ring1001020Evades 250
Starstone Ring of the StagYule 2014500000Ring1001020Foc 25, Resists 25
Stargem Ring of the WolfYule 20141000000Ring1502515Cold Dmg 50, Att 200
Stargem Ring of the BearYule 20141000000Ring1502515Armour 50, Def 200
Stargem Ring of the HawkYule 20141000000Ring1501525Evades 500
Stargem Ring of the StagYule 20141000000Ring1501525Foc 50, Resists 50
Starstone Bracelet of the RaiderYule 2014625000Wrist10020Str 50, HP 250, Phy/Wou/Wea Evade 150
Starstone Bracelet of the KnightYule 2014625000Wrist10020Vit 50, HP 250, Phy/Spell/Wou Evade 150
Starstone Bracelet of the AssassinYule 2014625000Wrist10020Dex 50, Ener 250, Phy/Mov/Wea Evade 150
Starstone Bracelet of the MysticYule 2014625000Wrist10020Foc 50, Ener 250, Spell/Mov/Wea Evade 150
Stargem Bracelet of the RaiderYule 20141250000Wrist15030Str 100, HP 500, Phy/Wou/Wea Evade 300
Stargem Bracelet of the KnightYule 20141250000Wrist15030Vit 100, HP 500, Phy/Spell/Wou Evade 300
Stargem Bracelet of the AssassinYule 20141250000Wrist15030Dex 100, Ener 500, Phy/Mov/Wea Evade 300
Stargem Bracelet of the MysticYule 20141250000Wrist15030Foc 100, Ener 500, Spell/Mov/Wea Evade 300
Starstone Necklace of the StormcallerYule 2014750000Neck1004530Cold Dmg 40, Str 100, Att 50Starstone Precision
Starstone Necklace of the WindriderYule 2014750000Neck1004530Mag Dmg 40, Dex 100, Att 50Starstone Cloak
Starstone Necklace of the FrostgiantYule 2014750000Neck1004530Vit 100, Armour 40, Def 50Starstone Armour
Starstone Necklace of the SnowspiritYule 2014750000Neck1003045Foc 100, Def 50, Resists 40Starstone Shield
Stargem Necklace of the StormcallerYule 20141500000Neck1506040Cold Dmg 120, Str 200, Att 200
Stargem Necklace of the WindriderYule 20141500000Neck1506040Mag Dmg 120, Dex 200, Att 200
Stargem Necklace of the FrostgiantYule 20141500000Neck1506040Vit 200, Armour 120, Def 200
Stargem Necklace of the SnowspiritYule 20141500000Neck1504060Foc 200, Def 200, Resists 120
Wyldgrove Amulet of the MountainOstara 2015750000Neck1005040Str 80, Vit 80, HP 500Wyldgrove Guard
Wyldgrove Amulet of the SunOstara 2015750000Neck1005040Str 80, Dex 80, HP 500Wyldgrove Strike
Wyldgrove Amulet of the ZephyrOstara 2015750000Neck1004050Dex 80, Foc 80, Ener 500Wyldgrove Spite
Wyldgrove Amulet of the RiverOstara 2015750000Neck1004050Foc 80, Vit 80, Ener 500Wyldgrove Agility
Wyldshrine Amulet of the MountainOstara 20151500000Neck1507050Str 150, Vit 150, HP 1000Wyldshrine Guard
Wyldshrine Amulet of the SunOstara 20151500000Neck1507050Str 150, Dex 150, HP 1000Wyldshrine Strike
Wyldshrine Amulet of the ZephyrOstara 20151500000Neck1505070Dex 150, Foc 150, Ener 1000Wyldshrine Spite
Wyldshrine Amulet of the RiverOstara 20151500000Neck1505070Foc 150, Vit 150, Ener 1000Wyldshrine Agility
Wyldgrove Bracelet of the MountainOstara 2015625000Wrist1002020Vit 50, Def 250, HP 150
Wyldgrove Bracelet of the SunOstara 2015625000Wrist1002020Str 50, Att 250, HP 150
Wyldgrove Bracelet of the ZephyrOstara 2015625000Wrist1002020Dex 50, Att 250, Ener 150
Wyldgrove Bracelet of the RiverOstara 2015625000Wrist1002020Foc, Def 250, Ener 150
Wyldshrine Bracelet of the MountainOstara 20151250000Wrist1502525Vit 100, Def 500, HP 300
Wyldshrine Bracelet of the SunOstara 20151250000Wrist1502525Str 100, Att 500, HP 300
Wyldshrine Bracelet of the ZephyrOstara 20151250000Wrist1502525Dex 100, Att 500, Ener 300
Wyldshrine Bracelet of the RiverOstara 20151250000Wrist1502525Foc 100, Def 500, Ener 300
Wyldgrove Ring of the MountainOstara 2015500000Ring10020Str 40, Vit 40, Def 100
Wyldgrove Ring of the SunOstara 2015500000Ring10020Str 40, Dex 40, Att 100
Wyldgrove Ring of the ZephyrOstara 2015500000Ring10020Dex 40, Foc 40, Ener 200
Wyldgrove Ring of the RiverOstara 2015500000Ring10020Foc 40, Vit 40, HP 200
Wyldshrine Ring of the MountainOstara 20151000000Ring15025Str 60, Vit 60, Def 200
Wyldshrine Ring of the SunOstara 20151000000Ring15025Str 60, Dex 60, Att 200
Wyldshrine Ring of the ZephyrOstara 20151000000Ring15025Dex 60, Foc 60, Ener 400
Wyldshrine Ring of the RiverOstara 20151000000Ring15025Foc 60, Vit 60, HP 400
Skyglass Ring of the ZenithBeltane 2015500000Ring1001010HP 250Skyglass Zenith
Skyglass Ring of the MeridianBeltane 2015500000Ring1001010Ener 250Skyglass Meridian
Skyglass Bracelet of SplendorBeltane 2015600000Wrist1001520Armour 40Skyglass Splendor
Skyglass Bracelet of GloryBeltane 2015600000Wrist1002015Heat Dmg 30Skyglass Glory
Skyglass Bracelet of AscensionBeltane 2015600000Wrist1001520Foc 40Skyglass Ascension
Skyglass Bracelet of RadianceBeltane 2015600000Wrist1002015Mag Dmg 30Skyglass Radiance
Skyglass Amulet of SunlightBeltane 2015750000Neck1004530Str 90, Phy/Wou/Wea Evade 250Skyglass Sunlight
Skyglass Amulet of MoonlightBeltane 2015750000Neck1003045Dex 90, Phy/Mov/Wea Evade 250Skyglass Moonlight
Skyglass Amulet of StarlightBeltane 2015750000Neck1004530Vit 90, Phy/Spell/Wou Evade 250Skyglass Starlight
Skyglass Amulet of TwilightBeltane 2015750000Neck1003045Foc 90, Spell/Wou/Wea Evade 250Skyglass Twilight
Skyprism Ring of the ZenithBeltane 20151000000Ring1502020HP 500Skyprism Zenith
Skyprism Ring of the MeridianBeltane 20151000000Ring1502020Ener 500Skyprism Meridian
Skyprism Bracelet of RadianceBeltane 2015900000Wrist1503020Mag Dmg 65Skyprism Radiance
Skyprism Bracelet of SplendorBeltane 2015900000Wrist1502030Armour 80Skyprism Splendor
Skyprism Bracelet of GloryBeltane 2015900000Wrist1503020Heat Dmg 65Skyprism Glory
Skyprism Bracelet of AscensionBeltane 2015900000Wrist1502030Foc 65Skyprism Ascension
Skyprism Amulet of SunlightBeltane 20151000000Neck1506545Str 180, Phy/Wou/Wea Evade 500Skyprism Sunlight
Skyprism Amulet of MoonlightBeltane 20151000000Neck1504565Dex 180, Phy/Mov/Wea Evade 500Skyprism Moonlight
Skyprism Amulet of StarlightBeltane 20151000000Neck1506545Vit 180, Phy/Spell/Wou Evade 500Skyprism Starlight
Skyprism Amulet of TwilightBeltane 20151000000Neck1504565Foc 180, Spell/Wou/Wea Evade 500Skyprism Twilight
Vital Perceptor Pendant of GazeSamhain 2015500000Neck9060Heat Dmg 40, Str 90Shield of Gaze
Potent Perceptor Pendant of GazeSamhain 2015500000Neck9060Foc 90, Armour 40Shield of Gaze
Sanguine Perceptor Pendant of GazeSamhain 2015500000Neck9060Cold Dmg 40, Dex 90Shield of Gaze
Dynamic Perceptor Pendant of GazeSamhain 2015500000Neck9060Foc 90, Vit 40Shield of Gaze
Vital Perceptor Bracer of GazeSamhain 2015450000Wrist9030Heat Dmg 35, Crush Resist 80
Potent Perceptor Bracer of GazeSamhain 2015450000Wrist9030Armour 40, Mag Resist 80
Sanguine Perceptor Bracer of GazeSamhain 2015450000Wrist9030Vit 40, Crush Resist 80
Dynamic Perceptor Bracer of GazeSamhain 2015450000Wrist9030Foc 40, Mag Resist 80
Keen Perceptor Ring of GazeSamhain 2015400000Ring901010Att 100, HP 250
Honed Perceptor Ring of GazeSamhain 2015400000Ring901010Def 100, Ener 250
Vital Perceptor Pendant of PerceptionSamhain 2015750000Neck14080Heat Dmg 90, Str 165Shield of Perception
Potent Perceptor Pendant of PerceptionSamhain 2015750000Neck14080Foc 165, Armour 90Shield of Perception
Sanguine Perceptor Pendant of PerceptionSamhain 2015750000Neck14080Cold Dmg 90, Dex 165Shield of Perception
Dynamic Perceptor Pendant of PerceptionSamhain 2015750000Neck14080Foc 165, Vit 90Shield of Perception
Vital Perceptor Bracer of PerceptionSamhain 2015675000Wrist14035Heat Dmg 50, Crush Resist 140
Potent Perceptor Bracer of PerceptionSamhain 2015675000Wrist14035Armour 65, Mag Resist 140
Sanguine Perceptor Bracer of PerceptionSamhain 2015675000Wrist14035Vit 65, Crush Resist 140
Dynamic Perceptor Bracer of PerceptionSamhain 2015675000Wrist14035Foc 65, Mag Resist 140
Keen Perceptor Ring of PerceptionSamhain 2015600000Ring1402020Att 150, HP 400
Honed Perceptor Ring of PerceptionSamhain 2015600000Ring1402020Def 150, Ener 400
Vital Perceptor Pendant of VigilanceSamhain 20151000000Neck190100Heat Dmg 140, Str 220Shield of Vigilance
Potent Perceptor Pendant of VigilanceSamhain 20151000000Neck190100Foc 220, Armour 140Shield of Vigilance
Sanguine Perceptor Pendant of VigilanceSamhain 20151000000Neck190100Cold Dmg 140, Dex 220Shield of Vigilance
Dynamic Perceptor Pendant of VigilanceSamhain 20151000000Neck190100Foc 220, Vit 140Shield of Vigilance
Vital Perceptor Bracer of VigilanceSamhain 2015900000Wrist19040Heat Dmg 80, Crush Resist 200
Potent Perceptor Bracer of VigilanceSamhain 2015900000Wrist19040Armour 85, Mag Resist 200
Sanguine Perceptor Bracer of VigilanceSamhain 2015900000Wrist19040Vit 85, Crush Resist 200
Dynamic Perceptor Bracer of VigilanceSamhain 2015900000Wrist19040Foc 85, Mag Resist 200
Keen Perceptor Ring of VigilanceSamhain 2015800000Ring1902525Att 200, HP 550
Honed Perceptor Ring of VigilanceSamhain 2015800000Ring1902525Def 200, Ener 550
Wayfarer's Pendant of the FalconYule 2015500000Neck904030Str 60, Dex 60, Att 80Cloak of the Falcon
Wayfarer's Pendant of the EagleYule 2015500000Neck904030Str 60, Vit 60, Def 80Cloak of the Eagle
Wayfarer's Pendant of the RavenYule 2015500000Neck903040Dex 60, Foc 60, HP 120Cloak of the Raven
Wayfarer's Pendant of the HawkYule 2015500000Neck903040Foc 60, Vit 60, Ener 120Cloak of the Hawk
Wayfarer's Band of the FalconYule 2015450000Wrist902010Heat Dmg 35, HP 200
Wayfarer's Band of the EagleYule 2015450000Wrist902010Cold Dmg 35, HP 200
Wayfarer's Band of the RavenYule 2015450000Wrist901020Ener 200, Resists 45
Wayfarer's Band of the HawkYule 2015450000Wrist901020Foc 45, Ener 200
Wayfarer's Ring of the FalconYule 2015400000Ring90155Str 20, Att 150
Wayfarer's Ring of the EagleYule 2015400000Ring90155Vit 20, Def 150
Wayfarer's Ring of the RavenYule 2015400000Ring90515Dex 20, Att 150
Wayfarer's Ring of the HawkYule 2015400000Ring90515Foc 20, Def 150
Pathfinder's Pendant of the FalconYule 2015750000Neck1405540Str 105, Dex 105, Att 180Cloak of the Falcon
Pathfinder's Pendant of the EagleYule 2015750000Neck1405540Str 105, Vit 105, Def 180Cloak of the Eagle
Pathfinder's Pendant of the RavenYule 2015750000Neck1404055Dex 105, Foc 105, HP 270Cloak of the Raven
Pathfinder's Pendant of the HawkYule 2015750000Neck1404055Foc 105, Vit 105, Ener 270Cloak of the Hawk
Pathfinder's Band of the FalconYule 2015675000Wrist1402515Heat Dmg 65, HP 350
Pathfinder's Band of the EagleYule 2015675000Wrist1402515Cold Dmg 65, HP 350
Pathfinder's Band of the RavenYule 2015675000Wrist1401525Ener 350, Resists 80
Pathfinder's Band of the HawkYule 2015675000Wrist1401525Foc 80, Ener 350
Pathfinder's Ring of the FalconYule 2015600000Ring1401020Str 35, Att 275
Pathfinder's Ring of the EagleYule 2015600000Ring1401020Vit 35, Def 275
Pathfinder's Ring of the RavenYule 2015600000Ring1402010Dex 35, Att 275
Pathfinder's Ring of the HawkYule 2015600000Ring1402010Foc 35, Def 275
Trailblazer's Pendant of the FalconYule 20151000000Neck1907050Str 150, Dex 150, Att 300Cloak of the Falcon
Trailblazer's Pendant of the EagleYule 20151000000Neck1907050Str 150, Vit 150, Def 300Cloak of the Eagle
Trailblazer's Pendant of the RavenYule 20151000000Neck1905070Dex 150, Foc 150, HP 450Cloak of the Raven
Trailblazer's Pendant of the HawkYule 20151000000Neck1905070Foc 150, Vit 150, Ener 450Cloak of the Hawk
Trailblazer's Band of the FalconYule 2015900000Wrist1903020Heat Dmg 100, HP 500
Trailblazer's Band of the EagleYule 2015900000Wrist1903020Cold Dmg 100, HP 500
Trailblazer's Band of the RavenYule 2015900000Wrist1902030Ener 500, Resists 120
Trailblazer's Band of the HawkYule 2015900000Wrist1902030Foc 120, Ener 500
Trailblazer's Ring of the FalconYule 2015800000Ring1902515Str 50, Att 400
Trailblazer's Ring of the EagleYule 2015800000Ring1902515Vit 50, Def 400
Trailblazer's Ring of the RavenYule 2015800000Ring1901525Dex 50, Att 400
Trailblazer's Ring of the HawkYule 2015800000Ring1901525Foc 50, Def 400
Glowstone Ring of the HunterOstara 2016400000Ring901010Str 35, Vit 35
Glowstone Ring of the StalkerOstara 2016400000Ring901010Str 35, Dex 35
Glowstone Ring of the PoacherOstara 2016400000Ring901010Foc 35, Vit 35
Glowstone Ring of the TrackerOstara 2016400000Ring901010Dex 35, Foc 35
Glowstone Bracelet of the HunterOstara 2016450000Wrist901515Str 50, Att 180
Glowstone Bracelet of the StalkerOstara 2016450000Wrist901515Dex 50, At 180
Glowstone Bracelet of the PoacherOstara 2016450000Wrist901515Vit 50, Def 180
Glowstone Bracelet of the TrackerOstara 2016450000Wrist901515Foc 50, Def 180
Glowstone Amulet of the HunterOstara 2016500000Neck903535Heat Dmg 40, Str 80, HP 400Hunter's Protection
Glowstone Amulet of the StalkerOstara 2016500000Neck903535Cold Dmg 40, Dex 80, Ener 400Stalker's Strike
Glowstone Amulet of the PoacherOstara 2016500000Neck903535Vit 80, Armour 60, HP 400Poacher's Defence
Glowstone Amulet of the TrackerOstara 2016500000Neck903535Foc 80, Resists 60, Ener 400Tracker's Farsight
Brightstone Ring of the HunterOstara 2016600000Ring1401515Str 65, Vit 65
Brightstone Ring of the StalkerOstara 2016600000Ring1401515Str 65, Dex 65
Brightstone Ring of the PoacherOstara 2016600000Ring1401515Foc 65, Vit 65
Brightstone Ring of the TrackerOstara 2016600000Ring1401515Dex 65, Foc 65
Brightstone Bracelet of the HunterOstara 2016675000Wrist1402020Str 85, Att 315
Brightstone Bracelet of the StalkerOstara 2016675000Wrist1402020Dex 85, At 315
Brightstone Bracelet of the PoacherOstara 2016675000Wrist1402020Vit 85, Def 315
Brightstone Bracelet of the TrackerOstara 2016675000Wrist1402020Foc 85, Def 315
Brightstone Amulet of the HunterOstara 2016750000Neck1404545Heat Dmg 70, Str 140, HP 700Hunter's Protection
Brightstone Amulet of the StalkerOstara 2016750000Neck1404545Cold Dmg 70, Dex 140, Ener 700Stalker's Strike
Brightstone Amulet of the PoacherOstara 2016750000Neck1404545Vit 140, Armour 105, HP 700Poacher's Defence
Brightstone Amulet of the TrackerOstara 2016750000Neck1404545Foc 140, Resists 105, Ener 700Tracker's Farsight
Shinestone Ring of the HunterOstara 2016800000Ring1902020Str 100, Vit 100
Shinestone Ring of the StalkerOstara 2016800000Ring1902020Str 100, Dex 100
Shinestone Ring of the PoacherOstara 2016800000Ring1902020Foc 100, Vit 100
Shinestone Ring of the TrackerOstara 2016800000Ring1902020Dex 100, Foc 100
Shinestone Bracelet of the HunterOstara 2016900000Wrist1903020Str 120, Att 450
Shinestone Bracelet of the StalkerOstara 2016900000Wrist1903020Dex 120, At 450
Shinestone Bracelet of the PoacherOstara 2016900000Wrist1903020Vit 120, Def 450
Shinestone Bracelet of the TrackerOstara 2016900000Wrist1903020Foc 120, Def 450
Shinestone Amulet of the HunterOstara 20161000000Neck1906060Heat Dmg 100, Str 200, HP 1000Hunter's Protection
Shinestone Amulet of the StalkerOstara 20161000000Neck1906060Cold Dmg 100, Dex 200, Ener 1000Stalker's Strike
Shinestone Amulet of the PoacherOstara 20161000000Neck1906060Vit 200, Armour 150, HP 1000Poacher's Defence
Shinestone Amulet of the TrackerOstara 20161000000Neck1906060Foc 200, Resists 150, Ener 1000Tracker's Farsight

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