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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wolf Taming Ability Guide

This is a guide to help you understand the Wolf Taming ability in Celtic Heroes MMO for iOS and Android

The Wolf Taming ability is an ability that affects the Rake skill of your wolf, which deals damage to an enemy, and gives them additional damage over time. The higher the ability level, the more damage gets dealt.

Where do I get the ability?
You gain it from a quest given by Druid Robina in the Farcrag Castle Courtyard by the pet vendor.
See the video below for a walk-through of the quest
How do I train the ability?
Train this ability by using the wolf's skill. Each time you use it on an enemy, you have a chance to increase your Wolf Taming ability.

What is the best way to train it?
Obviously, use a Heroic Elixir of Wisdom. The best way to train it is to use it on enemies. The Wolfmother quest mob neat the Southern Road leystone in Lir's Reach is a good place to train this ability.

Where do I get a wolf from?
You get one by trading in pet tokens to the pet vendor in Farcrag Castle, or by turning in purple bounty tokens to the bounty vendor.

Where do I buy wolf food from?
You buy it from the Pet Vendor in the Farcrag Castle Courtyard

Can I breed my wolf?
Yes, they can be bred at the Pet Breeder in the Farcrag Castle Courtyard.

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